Jugglebug Unicycle Question

I have a question regarding the 20" jugglebug unicycle. Is it the same size
as other 20" unicycles? Would it be considered only for kids trying to learn
to ride or adults too?

The Jugglebug is considered a childs unicycle. The plastic “mag” style wheel can’t take much abuse. The wheel compresses when weighted and the axle apparently likes to come free from the “hub”. There are stories floating around concerning the uncanny willingness of the tire to emerge from the wheel lip and allow the tube to seek out atmosphere and expand until it bursts.

I ignored all of these scare stories and bought a 20" Jugglebug because it was bright blue, cool looking, and cost next to nothing. John Drummond advised me strongly against it. I am 6’2", going on 6’1", and 185 pounds of bear-wrasslin’ muscle. I have ridden it maybe 15 miles and hopped up and down numerous curbs with no problems. I have kept the tire inflated to 30-40 psig at all times and it has not chosen to roam. I use this unicycle less than any others that I own. I have it primarily because I like the way it looks.