would these 12 inch unicycles support 145 pounds?

Excuse me, are you lost?

I think you’re looking for this page:


From the photo on the link, the cranks look way too long to be useful. Even baby-short cranks on a 12" has your pedals hitting the ground when you turn. From what I see in that picture, it will be nearly impossible to ride in a straight line on those unicycles without your pedals hitting the ground. Really.

As for supporting weight, Any unicycle will support pretty much any adult. Beyond that it depends what you do. Start riding off curbs and we’re getting into specifics. I’d guess a mag wheel is more resilient than a regular spoked wheel in terms of taking abuse, but once out of true, I don’t think you can do anything about it.

But don’t buy one of those unless you plan to also purchase some much, much shorter cranks. My 12" unicycle (custom by The Unicycle Factory) has little pedals and cranks from the little-kids’ bike that provided those parts. It has 3.5" (89mm) cranks, and the pedals are a little under 4.5" wide.

And it looks best if you ride it with the seat as low as possible!


priceless picture john haha.