Juggle This Too review

On Saturday last, Pratt Institute of Art (Brooklyn) featured a show
organized by the Carmine Irregulars, Juggle This Too.

First up was Irina Burdetsky. She’s a Russian expat who’s many talents
include hula hooping. She did some great moves with varying quantities of
hoopage. One of the things I liked about her liner notes was that she’s
interested in the field of medicine. If anyone can figure out how to
combine snake charming, acrobatics, horseback, and contortionism (is that
what a contortionist adheres to?), it’s Irina (that’s Dr. Burdetsky to

Up next were “Perpetual Motion,” an talented pair of jugglers (Chuck
Hawley and Anthony Shave). Their best trick, IMHO, was the juggling
leapfrog. One juggles three clubs and the other leaps over him (the
juggler is standing!) and continues juggling the same clubs without
missing a beat. They do this across the stage. Next the smaller one
(Shave) juggles clubs while idling on a uni, and the other leaps over him
and continues juggling the clubs.

I was impressed by all the acts. “Saccade” is a duo (Greg Kennedy and
Chris Ivey) who performed singly and together, and in each case they were
great. Angelo Iodice performed a country/western style rope act which was
flawless and impressive. Fritz Grobe does amazing amazing amazing things
with a diabolo (or two). He’s classy, and his act was minimalist yet
stylish. Tony Duncan does an equally classy act with 3, then 4, and then 5
acrylic (?) balls which he rolls all over his hands (and arms, neck, and
back). I should also say that the emcees were adept entertainers and great
emcees; they kept the evening moving with their jokes and juggling. The
only possible downside to the evening was a fairly dull video in five
parts about a ‘date.’ It was cute, but it took away from the overall feel
of the evening’s performances.

The King Charles Troupe, the reason I was there in the first place, did
one of their fun unicycle / basketball shows which inspired many of us to
begin unicycling in the first place (I list the Troupe as well as Tom
Pennell (Welcome Back Kotter) as my two main early influences). They did a
rather long set – unlike the few minutes we get at the circus – complete
with slam dunks and lots of humor. The crowd loved them. I was impressed
with one little trick where a rider wheel-walked while dribbling across
the stage before shooting a basket. If only they’d done that 25 years ago,
I would have learned to walk the wheel before turning 16 (or 36!).

But to me the evening belonged to the quirky and ultratalented Jay
Gilligan. When he was announced the first time, he came – unlike the
other performers who’d been backstage the whole time – out of the front
row! He’d been sitting there the whole time, enjoying the show. That, and
his totally pedestrian clothing (no fancypants, he) told me right away
that this guy is COOL. His act required only three flat juggling rings,
and he hardly juggled them – he mostly moved them over his body in odd
ways and in perfect harmony with the great music he’d chosen. But later,
to end the show, he came back onstage and blew everyone away with a
muscular and almost wild (and quite lengthy) act which seemed unscripted.
He was ablaze (well, not literally), and he received thunderous applause
and a standing O. Honestly, I think I have a crush. I’ve written him a

Jay Gilligan (that’s the title)

Balls and clubs and rings.
The wild inventor of Poi:
A juggling rock star.

I’m only sorry I missed last year’s inaugural show, and I look forward to
many more to come.

Pratt Institute of Art was a great venue, too (and only a few minutes from
my home!). See you there next year!

David Stone

Re: Juggle This Too review

On Tue, 01 Apr 2003 22:51:24 -0500, “David Stone” <dstone@packer.edu>

>On Saturday last, Pratt Institute of Art (Brooklyn) featured a show
>organized by the Carmine Irregulars, Juggle This Too.

Raphael Lasar (JJuggle) was in the very same show as you (if there was
only one on Saturday) and wrote an equally passionate review about it
here on RSU. One person who did not feature in your review was a young
woman by the name of Gena Shvartsman. JJuggle seemed very impressed
about her and his words could be construed as if he even wanted to add
her to his household. Although I may have misinterpreted that of

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Re: Juggle This Too review

sorry… that’s just way too funny.

Yeah, Jay is totally the man. And he’s been known to do some impressive things on a unicycle when he feels like it.

Ugh, I really wanted to go to this convention. Oh well, hopefully next year will work out for me.

Re: Re: Juggle This Too review

Mr Stone did not actually attend the festival. He only came for the show. Gena was not in the show and hence I don’t think he saw her. But on the other matter, well, yeah, the spare bedroom is hers anytime. :wink:

A little googling turned up the fact that Gena and I share in common our being of the Hebraic persuasion and although I am not, she is listed on the site, The Jewish Jugglers Home Page:

Until someone launches the Mediocre Jewish Jugglers Home Page, I will have to rely on the vanity press and random blatherings here.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ