Judgment time!

OK I just looked at this vid I made on my phone and thought how bad it was. And I got me the idea to get people to post their worst uni footage. Here is mine with my bent crank:o

That crank climb was a bugger with a bent crank LOL

Worst as in video quality? Because that was NOT the worst uni vid I’ve seen…not by a long shot! You have much better skills than I do, it’s just that it’s too small to really see clearly, and too short. But certainly NOT bad as far as skills.

I have like 20 minutes of me falling trying to do a stupid combo spencer posted:)

Miles id like to see that if you want to send it to me…I think it’d be sorta funny.

My email is one_wheeler(att)hotmail(dot)com

ok. it’s unedited and probably kinda boring, but I’ll try to send it to you. my email is mornish att gmail dott com

also, it’s mostly me falling doing 180 unispins. It was really hot.:slight_smile:

Congratulations on spelling Judgment correctly…I thought it was judgement until I was like 17.

What do you mean not bad? That gap was sketchy and the crank climb was terrible (Well I gues my cranks are bent but still) Miles post that video sounds funnier than all hell.