Jubilee Jam Race Writeup (Lengthy!)

Jubilee Jam Race Report
July 22nd, 2007
I woke up at 9, slpped my alarm clock, donned my uni gear, and headed out to the open road. Went from Pekin to Brimfield, IL, another boring four wheeled ride that lasted 40 minutes or so. We soon started seeing the big brown Jubilee College State Park signs everywhere, which was good, because we really didn’t know how the hell to get there. We found the entrance to the park, and drove down a nice little path lined with pristine trees to the massive improvised car lot. We parked and checked in at the Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association (Hereby called pamba) tent. I talked to some of the bikers, saying this was my first time at Jubilee, keep in mind that I have yet to show my KH24, they all think I’m a mtb’er :D. They told me it was pretty harse but fun, and they told me I’d have to walk some of it (Boy, were they wrong!) They also asked if I was a novice rider, I told them not really, but I don’t think they believed me, because I was not all spandexed out like they were. I then headed to the car and grabbed my steed, a 2007 KH24, still nice and shining with its blue luster. I could literally hear the jaws drop to the floor :D. I mounted up and headed back to registration tent. I could feel the staring eyes on my back. I headed to the starting line, and the bikers let me go to the front of the line to start first. I heard the GO! shout from the guy with the clock, who is the pamba race organizer, Jamie Higgins. I took off at a faster pace than my usual, maybe 9 or 10 mph, and headed down a couple of twisting dry singletrack. Roots slowed my progress but heightened the joy of the ride. I headed down a couple steep descents followed by equally steep ascents, many of which I had to peck up, exhausting me further. I came across the first patrol biker, who kept track of time as well as took pictures. He said something I will not soon forget, “Are you f**king kidding me? Awesome work man! Much respect!” and he snapped a few pictures with a big smile on his face. I let bikers pass me and asked how much longer to go to some of the more experienced riders, they said about 7 miles, crap! I wiped the sweat from my brow and continued on with my riding. I climbed more harsh ascents and went through a couple of 2 foot drops and over some big logs. I saw another of the patrol guys and took a rest to talk with him. I asked him if he’d like to try, and he said that he cound’t because it’d ruin his clipless cleats. Too bad :frowning: could’ve had another convert. I resumed my ride again, and asked how much longer again, the guy told me 4 miles approx. He was right. I went through another set of twisty turning singltrack, and ended up coming to an open patch of the trail, I could tell it was about 11ish, and I pedalled harder so I could relax at the finish line. I came to the last bend, where a cameraman sat, with his camera totally focused on me, ignoring the three bikers near me. Hehe :D. The last bit after that was a 50 degree or so ascent which lasted for 150 feet, ugh. I fell at the last 6 feet, much to my disappointment because I was still showing off for the camera :(. I climbed to the top and mounted again, rode another 200 feet across the finish line and looked at my time, 56 minutes, woot! I completed the 9 mile loop! I recieved uprorious approval from the crowd, giving me the energy boost I needed. Being the natural performer that I am (aka a showoff :D) I still did a couple of tricks for the cameras of the 120+ bikers that were there. Most were simple, like 180s and 180 unispins, 1 foot, backwards riding, etc. But I also pulled off a 6 foot gap off of a picnic table, which was photoed with me in the air, looking good as usual :stuck_out_tongue:
To make a long story short, I had fun, got publicity, and had no negative comments the entire day, also, I beat 12 bikers :stuck_out_tongue:

Austin Little

Nice write up, thanks. I enjoyed reading that a lot.

That’s some serious motoring you were doing there on your muni - good effort!

Nice one! I entered a few short xc races like that last year - really good fun.
If the course really was as hilly as you say then keeping up over 9mph average for 9 miles on a 24" is pretty impressive - are you sure about that time?


Great adventure

I loved the story. Everyone is always nice to me when I ride also.:slight_smile: I don’t know if I’m ready for a 9 mile loop on a 24, even if it were level!
I’m sure you are honest, but those bikers might be kidding you on that time. I am sure you did much better then I would have. Still, 56 minutes for 9 miles, walking some parts and stopping to talk a bit, slowing on hills etc., would have you at blazing coker speeds for most of the course. They may have just given you a typical biker time, wanting to encourage you.:wink:
But it does sound like a great accomplishment and I bet you were tired enough at the end to believe you had won the tour de France. Good job!:slight_smile:

9mph for 9 miles is very impressive. It’s doable though, for someone with enough fitness and good enough balance to keep spinning high speed all that time. I couldn’t do it, I’d need short cranks and probably a bigger wheel - but then I’m not that fit :wink:

Mikefule regularly puts up similar speeds when he rides his KH24, some people can spin pretty fast.

It’s awesome that you beat bikers though, that’s always good news :slight_smile: Muni-ers have a good tradition of often beating bikes at their own races, and it’s good to see it continue. It must be good for the image of the sport - and that of the riders!

I didn’t say it was impossible, just extremely impressive if it’s right.
I consider myself reasonably fast cross-country and I can JUST manage 10mph average on my 9 mile xc route to work on my 26" muni with 150s. That’s riding flat-out race speed. Obviously there are bits where I’m doing 12 or 13mph and bits where I’m only doing 6 or 7. It’s a pretty non-technical route though, so not much really slow stuff. On a course where there were hills so steep he had to peck up them or walk them, big drops, and even stopped for a chat in the middle, he’d really have to be going like a rocket for the remainder of the distance to keep up 9mph average. But I agree it’s possible. There are certainly people (Sam, Joe M, Roger etc) who can spin much faster than me on the flat.


Man, I just live for those moments.
Well done.

Sorry, Rob, I wasn’t specifically disagreeing with you. I think we’re basically in agreement; I’m sure I could ride faster than 9mph on a 24x3 if I had one but not for very long at all. Certainly nowhere near 9 miles. I doubt I could maintain the speed you do on a 26", come to that. But folks who are used to a 24x3 still rack up some pretty impressive numbers considering the smaller wheel size.

It’s awesome that there are people this skillful and athletic out there scaring bikers with their speed, really.

No, they weren’t kidding on the time, there was a big clock at the starting line, like 1 ft letters so you could see your time at the finish line.

Also, I spin very fast for long distances, people have told me this, but I’m just used to it. It wears you out alot, thats why the last stretch of pecking was just brutal for me, I had no energy at all. Thank god for camelbaks, or I would need to be revived in order to finish. The only reason I can go for these distances is because I’m a long distance runner, and it helps. :smiley:
Also, thanks for commenting, I never really like my writing skills. But this was fun as hell, I got some people interested, cause they keep e-mailing me about if it’s easy to learn and all that stuff. Time to get some more KH24s in the Peoria area! :smiley:
I’ll do a write up after my next DH/XC race in September, which is a two day thing, one day DH, next day XC. Should be brutal. :smiley:

Very impressed then :slight_smile: