i have seen some videos of jousting and read some info on it. Most of the time it looks like people use 20" but has anyone evertried high speed jousting? like 29ers or cokers? what about jousting on giraffes?

i have jousted on a giarrafe once i used water noodles as the jousting pole thing it was me and jerrick

water noodles are those thing in the pools that u use to float and what not;)

my friend mike was gonna ride his giraffe and i was gonna ride a 20 inch and go at it, but for some reason we havent, and i wouldnt wanna do highspeed jousting unless you got some armor lol.

But if your doing it with the swimming noodles in side of wal-mart, then just go for it, thats also fun, specially the getting kicked out of the store part :sunglasses:

lol wec did do it one time remember in walmart??? last summer?

yeah i have seen people do that, not on giraffes but with the noodle things. I think i would like it more with the noodles because you dont have to put on armor lol.

I think it’s pointless, dumber then me and retarded

to mike: yeah we jousted in there before but not with the giraffe

back to original: ive also seen ppl taking the stick/handle part off of brooms and putting a tennis ball on the end, then using trash can lids for a sheild =p

yes we did!!

because i fell i remmber by the bikes in walmart then the guy said we cant ride there bikes in the stuff and to put them down and leave then we told him that they were ours and we went and bought to 2 liters and drunk half of them then trew them at the water tower…

remember now!?!?!?

yeah, i do now, maybe a video of this should be made? lol

thats a real achievement…lol j/k.

yea we really need a cam corder lol any who i got 2 of the broom handels with tenis balls on the end we should test it out tomorrow

alchemicfrederick and i jousted on 24s with shinai (bamboo training swords)

We’ve jousted too, but when we did it we weren’t very good and we fell off alot w/out even running into each other. We used hockey sticks with foam balls duct-taped on the end and sleds with duct-taped handles for shields. We made a movie, but it isn’t very good. I think noodles would be too soft for jousting, but they wouldn’t hurt.

that’s the kinda things that ppl do that make’s ppl laugh at unicyclists… GOOD JOB

Sorry, we’ll try to work more on being blithering, abrasive morons in your image.

lol, if me having fun on a uni causes ppl to laugh at uniers, i honestly dont care, as long as i am having fun doing something i love, then i dont care what other ppl think about it =p


Ooh, you want some ice for that burn?

:smiley: yea really lol plus they always mention something about a clown or msomething…

how many clowns do u no that can do any of the stuff some of these people do…

I like the idea of using kendo swords for it.