JOURNEY - The Film

Can’t believe this hasn’t been posted yet…

It’s actually a shame that this isn’t getting a billion comments… This shows unicycling as art instead of as a sport (or as a clown activity -.-).

It’s the best video ever made.

Way cool film. Thanks for posting. Julia, are you in the Unicon segment?

That was a fantastic video, to bad those riders don’t get the credit other top athletes do… i don’t see why nike should be offering them some sweet dough to be wearing there shoes… I would love to see another one of these made for Muni! Maybe i will make it hehe… maybe…

Great Job!

Yep, 20:35!

This is the most amazing Unicycle Video I’ve ever seen!
I watched it yesterday and went for a ride just after that, 'cause I was such motivated :smiley:

This is amazing! I dont think people really realize the level of filming and editing was involved in the making of this video. I love the edits from Ralphi, they are truly one of a kind.

Thank you sooo much for taking the time to film and edit such a master piece!! :slight_smile:

I loved every bit of t!

Insane riding. Insane filming. Insane editing.
I feel guilty watching that for free.

Great video thanks for posting.


I appreciate the artist behind that film sharing it with the public for free, but dang dude, I would buy a DVD of that.

I’d have bought it twice, just to keep one in its original packaging.

Phenomenal. Really raising the bar with this video! Really makes me wish I had some people to ride with!

Great job!

I sat the whole family down to watch on the big screen, very cool and really well done :smiley:

Thanks for posting, and drawing attention on it!
Watching that was worth my time!
I think unicycling makes fantastic movie location-scouts.

:smiley: Great !!!

This is the second Unicycling video I’ve watched recently where someone is kissing/licking their biceps. Is this some kind of inside joke, cause I don’t get it…

But the Unicycling was good… :smiley:

This is what unicycling’s all about.
Well done, hope to meet you guys.

Superb Video!

The riding in there was brilliant beyond words and the filming and editing must have taken an absolute age.

Some great locations, some great times had too by all.

Thanks for creating a masterpiece such as this!!!

Really makes me wish I was 35 years younger. If they were doing this in the 70s… Hey, I guy can dream can’t he?