Joshua Tree Muni?

Hey kids.

We’re planning a little trip to Joshua Tree in the not so distant future. The purpose is not just muni but have no doubt we will all have our munis with us.

Has anyone had any experience in the area? The only trail ive heard of is the Joshua tree radio tower trail or something like that.

I realize that Joshua tree itself is probably off limits to our wheels (possibly with the exception of some fire road like trails) but im interested in anything in the area. Ideally, Im looking for the craziest downhill trails. Cool natural trials areas would be great too!

You are correct about the off-limits, but I’m sure there’s stuff in the general area. Rod Wylie’s done a bit there, and I think John Long may have tried some quick rides recently.

I know of a sweet DH course (and I consider “bone-crushing” to be sweet) just off the 10 & 15 Freeways in Fontana. Think NORBA DH race stop, on par with with fabled GSpot in Simi. It’s a bit out of your way, but hey, if you’re making the trip…:smiley:

Where’s Joshua Tree? :thinking:

This should give you a good idea:

Yep, that gives me a good idea. Too bad it’s also too far!

Yo Josh. Thanks. Im gonna hit up rod for some details.

You and me and the crew gotta do that dh trail you speak of. We’ve been real lazy lately though. I think in the fall it will pick back up though. :slight_smile:

I figured id follow up on how the trip went so anyone searching on the subject in the future can learn from my experience. :slight_smile:

THIS PLACE IS A MECCA FOR NATURAL TRIALS!! The rock formations here are simply amazing and perfect for riding on!

We camped inside Joshua Tree Park (which is frickin huge) mostly at the campsite called Jumbo Rocks. You can pitch your tent right next to some of the sweetest natural trials lines youve ever seen! We went in late August which was a big mistake for anyone wanting to do anything active out there. It really is in the desert and it really is amazingly hot. We only got a very short window of time at sunrise and sunset to ride. This place would be a perfect winter destination!

We stopped at a bike shop in the town of Joshua Tree to get some info on mountain bike trails. Apparently there is some good stuff where the dirt roads called Geology Tour Rd and Queen Valley Rd meet. It was so hot that we couldnt venture any of these. From the looks of the mountain sides in this area i have great reason to believe that the trails would be great!

Rockclimbing in Josua Tree is very popular. It is my understanding that everywhere in the park is fair game for hiking/climbing unless otherwise noted. I asked two park rangers if this was really the case and they reassured me. This is very unlike most national Parks ive been to where you have to stay on the trails. I did not get a straight answer on unicycling. Unicycling on the MTB trails mentioned above seems fine. It is my feeling that unicycling on the rocks is just fine since the climbers are allowed everywhere. Id be wary of uniing too much off the trails where theres vegetation. But honestly, there are so many huge cool rocks that youd never need to come down to the ground where the vegetation is growing.

If you ever get the chance, please stop by this place! Did I mention how cool the night sky is in the desert? :astonished:

Damn that looks awesome! How far is it from LA?

Josh is amazing for trials. I did a bunch of trials riding there back in 1992, and also in 1995. Basically endless lines plus a lot of easy access riding near Hidden Valley or Jumbo or the other campgrounds. But riding trails on dirt is definately not allowed except for the roads.