Josef - Grinding

I did a little video with my brother:

Later he broke his arm, when he tried the 7set again :frowning:
Tell me what you think? :slight_smile:

good attempts.

i think some more speed and possibly a lower rail is in order.

Dang, broken arm :(.

Yeah more speed and you’ll have it. The faster you go, the less you’ll turn sideways like that. Lean into the pedal your grinding on and just go with the flow, thats all you need to do. Confidence is the main thing.

I’ll tell him that :slight_smile:

learn to grind other side…
the same like gapping… its easyer if you jump to the side where your arm isn’t ^^

not necessarily. its most common for people to jump towards their free hand so they can catch themselves easier when they fall. but some people just prefer to hop towards their holding hand cos thats how they learnt. i know a couple of guys who do that like Daniel Goodman, Luke Leckenby or even Connor Helser (yea i know, he was a long time ago lol) as well as this kid. hopping towards ur free hand is generally better but i wouldnt say its the ‘right’ way to ride. a good example could be blind grinds: noone bothers switching hands for those (or at least i dont) :stuck_out_tongue:
i do see ur point tho and i have encouraged younger riders in the past to hop towards their free arm instead