Jordan Barkey

Here is my friend who has been riding for about 2 months but in the movie only like 2 weeks. He is alot better now. But its a pretty cool vid.



crud thats pretty good for 2 months, I couldnt unispin around 4 months into it.

not too shaby…

No it says when he shot the film he’d been riddin for 2 weeks, thats insane. Dude hes either got unicycling in his blood or your a heck of a teacher. Awesome Job!

Well the video was about 2 or or 2 1/2 weeks of trial. He didnt have a teacher I tought him some tricks but he was just a fast learner.

teach him how to make his riding flow next. he is good enough to where he should start working on it.

Just to let you know that Jordan Barkey is the user Piglet.


wait, please make your post clearer. has he been riding for 2 weeks altogether, or just 2 weeks of trials with previous riding experience? I would believe it to be the latter of the two.

it would be 2 weeks of trials he has been riding just riding for about 7 months. and then in the vid like 2 weeks of trials.

Oh I thought that he was amazing, I thought he had bin riding for just 2 weeks. I have been riding for about 7 months too and I can do way more than that. For 7 months thats not that impressive atall.

I know that loads of people are going to now say that he is still realy good and that he is alot better than them after that long but this is just my opinion, sorry.

Just consider this. Not all of us knew about this site from the get go, nor had someone else to ride with that knew a lot of tricks and stuff.

Some of us, like me, just rode to get places, not knowing of a 24" or 36", not knowing of different styles, or of this site. Or some of just dont care to learn everything fast and dont mind tacking up to a few months or even a year to get a trick down.