Jonny's New Video!!

thanks to jess riegel for inspiring from the start with is videos. mike-cant wait to start the vid with you man. peace out hoodrats.


Nice video. Keep riding hard. I love the second song lol.


GREAT! and i love the sense of humor you added to your video. loved it…


jonny…awesome video. You are going to have to help me with those stand up ww’s at naucc, yours are amazing.

Nice job on the editing, though i didnt like the music too much. My favorite tricks in that video were probably the leg around 4 times (i can only get 2 regular and 3 as a mount), those super low (they were hitting the ground) seat drop variations, and the leg kick to leg around.

have you tried any seat drags? i bet once you got the balance down for it, picking it up would be no problem for you.

that was good. what editing soft ware do u use.

That was awesome:) your freestyle is much stronger than your trials. The editing was really good. I liked the part where it showed you editing on your computer and then went to that clip in person.
Really cool :sunglasses:

Great vid man, I really liked your helmet, from some pictures I thought it was a beanie lol/

I also like the places you choose to ride, mainly the place with the painting\graffiti, just gave a certain something to your video =p

Keep up the great freestyle, your really talented, getting 5 wraps will come easily in a few more days. One last thing…


Pretty nice skillz.
Keep working on that standup ww / glide.
I’m thinking if you got it to a sustained 12mph your clip would be featured on DVD.

great stuff!!!
i loved it
it shows the stuff you don’t see with most videos!

Wow! Riilie nice vid.
I love you and youre style. I wish I could do all those wheelwalking variations like stand upp ww and backwards ww.

You should try doing those no-footers rolling, that’s a real rush when you nail them.

As always a great vid from the Jonny.

Hi Jonny!
Thanks for the great video! Bear and i watched it this morning over breakfast. I hope we get to meet you at Nationals. Good job picking the music and editing the images for a great overall effect!

Keep riding and tHanks for the Hey at the end! I
ll brag about that at work. :slight_smile:

nice well done

Wasn’t sure which thread to post on as there appears to be 2 exact same threads going on at the moment!

Anyway, really nice vid. Excellent editing, great riding. A very cool movie in many respects.

Awesome, loved it. Your a great rider with mad skills, loving the freestyle. Thanks for the shout at the end, much love.


jonny my man, killer video… slick riding and editing… definatley sweet arse maine…


yo, first off i have to extend a sincere thanks to e’erybody in both threads that supported me! (sorry about the double post.) im really glad everyone liked it,thanks!. i honestly mean it when i say it was fun riding, filming, editing, meeting the local people i met while filming, driving to surrounding cities for the shots, getting hurt trying to get the shots, and compiling this as a whole. i had really good time. this is just what i love, and i enjoy it every time i ride. its taken me to unreal heights and the love ive gotten is humbling. thanksto jsut everybody thats always just been nice to me and had my bak ya know. you guys are awesome. 'preciate it. (no thats not my grammy speech…lol)

ive gotten 5 before many times, but i didnt nail it for the video. i usually hit multiple leg arounds/wrap variations when im out in public, like in a parking lot, or at one of my normal spots…i was in my driveway for the 4 leg around, but me and mike’s vid is coming so expect a 5 leg around if not 6. holla.

i use roxio media creator. you have to buy it, at least the version i have, but its a great program and well worth the cost.

nice video

nice stuff. I liked the use of tres delincuetes, I was thinking “wait, is that the song from defect? Is it the same band?”