Jonny's New Video!!

thanks to jess riegel for inspiring from the start with is videos. mike-cant wait to start the vid with you man. peace out hoodrats.


Sweet - I like the style, laid back, not hyped up.

nice… but as I said before… u gotta bring it down on the rails and the stairs :smiley:

nah, he rides too freestlye-ish… mind you hand rails are roxors

Great vid johnny, well done, liked the editting very much and the seat drops, seat wraps and stand up glide down the hill, not definet but i find kush kush alot easier with a higher seat but im still not very good, great vid anyway!!:slight_smile:

That was sweet. Not olny did you make a vid that was like 6 or 7 minutes long, but you made it not boring or repetitive! Respect man.


Awesome, loved it. Your a great rider with mad skills, loving the freestyle. Thanks for the shout at the end, much love.


very nice, I like how you went for a more scenic background, it made the video a lot better.

Awesome stand-up! Nice film!

me likey-likey!! :sunglasses:

(specially seat wrap stuffs)