Jonny's New Video!

This is my new movie. I just wanted to film a simple type video that was just short and sweet but refreshing. Its not a video thats going to drop your jaw in amazement, but its a fun video. Its only one minute long upon omitting credits and intro. I don’t think i need to prove anything with this video, i feel like ive proved myself enough. oh and i just learned no footers, so i may have repeated them…lol. Knowing all this mumbo jumbo:

The video can be seen here.

Peace out,
Jonny the kid. :slight_smile:

wow one of the best vids i have seen in a long time looked like you where haveing fun it makes me wana go ride

haha nice vid… I respect u

nice video

Yo Johnny cakes…Nice vid man.

Hey Jonny,
THanks for the vid. I just showed Bear. This is a message from Bear to you!

Hi Jonny,
Thanks for making the video, I liked when you didn’t use the pedals. Can you do a spin?

From Bear

very nice man, very nice

wiked pissa, maine


jonny… cool video. That leg around to leg kick without hopping or touching the crank was my favorite trick in it. Try anymore crankflips?

Cool Video, im quite jelous of your weather!!!


THat was nice! but no ww stuff? :slight_smile:

do you do no footers seat in too? Maybe it’s just me, but they feel akward seat out…

i do no footers seait in… but im not good at no footers. nice vid.

I think I do them just barely seat out, and always with two hands for support.

No, i sort of wanted to make a simple video of just basic bs. I’m learning backwards ww’s though and some other stuff and plan to make a big video over the course of a month showing everything i know how to do, plus new tricks, and new combos/variations.

Naw folk, I really need to be at them more.

hey Bear, glad you liked it! And yea I can do enough spins to make you get dizzy just from watching it.:slight_smile:

Thanks man, that’s really nice of you!