Jonny's movie

Hey, Jonny wanted someone to post his vid here so here it is…


I love watching Jonny’s stuff, so could someone either post a download link or put it on Youtube?:stuck_out_tongue:

OH, he already uploaded it? I thought he was asking for someone to upload it for him because he couldn’t…

Why didn’t he post it himself?

What is up with Jonny recently?

Rock on!

Nice vid john!
I really liked it!

ace video

i liked it

:slight_smile: first off this is one of my last posts. ill still come back here and there or whatever maybe, and using the gallery space for vids that im gonna help forrest gaston and his dad make, so please please dont delete either of my user names just cuz im going inactive, gilby. (not that you would i know, im jsut being sure.)

man this video was fun to make. the reason i even made it at all was cuz me and my friend james both just got our licenses, and cars, (yeah!), so we’ve been wanting to go places, so i was man like lets go down to ya know that place…man its nice there. sunny, right on the water, grassy areas. its cool. i didnt really show anything new i had been learning…kinda forgot cuz i was chillin so deeply… i probably wont be doing any more videos of me on here or anything, but like i said i hope to be helping forrest and his family with theres, and they can post them and what not… i dont plan on posting again really, and definitley not for a really long time if i even come back at all. im just gonna take a break and focus on other things in my life, and try to get things straight. im not really quiting unicycling…just taking a huge cutback for a while. i may ride like once a month or so. i still love it, and will still have some riding time here and there maybe.

but hey ill still be on msn here and there so ill be able to stay in touch with those of you i like.

i didnt post it myself cuz it wouldnt let me into my own gallery for days. either of them actually. and it wouldnt let amanda either so i was acutally just gonna say holla, and forget posting it but spence posted it which let me know people could view my gallery again, which is cool.

and what is up with me recently? a lot man. im working a lot, going to school, just got in a few fights with some kids in my pe class, my grandpa passed away, im in an argument with one of my teachers at school…a bunch of light of all this i jsut want to focus on reality, and get my head on straight or whatever. plus ive been unicycling for 3 years, ive had some good times with it, but im ready to move on. but im still chillin man, always will be.

i really dont know anything about download links at all, i knew someone would probably say they wanted one, sorry… but im sure abbabibble will help. hes a really good person to have on these forums, nice and helpful. we could use more people like him, and less whiny little pr*cks such as some of the older people on here.ya know the kind, the opinionated ones. john foss, maestro and them…theyre so annoying, they think people care what they have to say. im glad you like my stuff andrew, thats awesome, i appreciate it.

peace out for a long while guys, stay real.



LOL!! that’s AWSOME!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The vid ain’t working for me either, so I’ll wait for Abba to come to the rescue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways Jonny, I don’t know you very well (I guess at all), but I remember you backing my Journal a year ago, so you’re cool in my book. Of course, your mad skills and apparently laid back attitude only improve the coolness factor. I’m not gonna ramble, but I hope your BS in life works out like it should, and that you have a good 'un altogether.

woa jonny,either put the joint down… or either u need a big one man…