Jonny Peacock and Brendan Roman (NYC)

Me and Jonny just messing around in NYC…

He hasn’t been on a uni in a while, but that kid is awesome regardless.

Jonny, I had a good time riding with you bro. Give me a call when you wanna do it again some time.

We both weren’t feeling good, but managed to get some good clips.

Editing is a little sloppy, but I appologize. My computer was chopping it up when I wnated to play it back, and had trouble editing it that way.


Youtube will be up later.

Not sure how to de interlace, so leave me alone about that :stuck_out_tongue:


That mount in the end was hella stylish!

Haha, thanks. That was initially my idea, but my jeans wouldn’t slide down, so he did it.

Were you guys using the same uni in the vid?


He couldn’t bring his uni when he came from Florida, but funny enough, we have the same exact unicycle anyways.

tight video guys. jonny you need to get a uni for sure dude.

Sweet video. That rail grind was priceless :slight_smile:

Anything else to say guys?


:smiley: funny video i liked it :stuck_out_tongue:

solid vid guys! my dream is ride and shoot a vid in NYC. nice shot choice to(the one at the beginning). That spots crazy famous on the skating and bmx scene

Wish I could ride in NYC…

Yeah. The banks are usually crowded on saturdays, but it really wasn’t that bad. Its a sick spot. A few of our clips are from there, but its hard to tell.

I really appreciate the feedback, we had a good time filming.

Sweet video loved all the tricks. I especcialy liked the leg wrap to donkey kick and unispin. looked sweet. Thought it was a great video. Jonny hope newyorks treating you well you need to get your uni up there.

Jonny if I’m even in NYC, I wanna ride with you, not only does it look like an awesome place to ride, your riding was sick. If you took some of those tricks off of stuff you’d make a great street rider.