Jonny and Forrest's video!!

here’s jonny and me in our new video. I really hope you guys like it because we put a lot of hard work into getting it done. Jonny thank you so much you’re a great rider and editor and thanks to Kelly Hickman for getting us the song. Well here’s the vid:

and here’s the youtube link:

Sorry boys, it might be just me, but you tube link loads with no video found or something, and the gallery one says something about high wave or something sorry i can’t check what it says now. Lookin forward to this

You’re input means a lot. I hope you get a chance to watch it.

i agree with lucas… cant watch it… its just forever loading on youtube…

sorry !

Not working for me either guys, got me all built up too.

I liked the video but not the music.

earlier the gallery said the server was too full but it’s working now:)

i like both, the music and the riding

That was good!

thank you!!:smiley: We had a lot of fun making it. How did you guys like the rude comments from the spectators?

Well, the youtube link worked fine for me (although I was only the 4th to watch it according to the counter at the bottom).

Pretty cool video, and nice chilled out music. Wasn’t bothered with the comments at the start though.


awesome video jonny.
although i didn’t realize we had to firrest so i thought it was gonna be forrest rowell, but oh well.
haha the other forrest is good to.
really chilled.


Ha good vid guys. I liked the music, it made it real laid back. Keep up the good riding, and keep riding hard.


Really liked it! I liked the music too; who was that?

hey fofo gangster rider

johnny wasnt lying when he said that vid was life changing cause it was dude if u keep it up u could get sponsored by someone great i loved the 540 it was close but it was clean well i absolutely loved it so keep it up…

it was the plain white t’s-Hey There Delilah

The lyrics were decent, but the guy’s voice…geez.

Good video

hey that was great jonny. glad to see ur still alive haha jk. nice 540

it works now, nice vid i enjoyed it :smiley:

Cool. I liked it. Jonny you have learned some cool new tricks, I want to learn that tire grab body varial thingy. The 540 unispin was good, should have been on a 20" though;)