Jonathan Ross, BBC Radio 2

I was listening to his saturday morning show on… saturday and he was waffling away about cycling & mentioned that he wanted a Penny Farthing ‘if he could get one’ so I emailed a link to the Coker Penny Farthing
it could get him interested in unicycles- he seems to like the image of being eccentric or different. (not that any of us are)

it may be mentioned, it may not. But as I won’t be listening this saturday I thought someone may hear it… let me know if you do!

He’s doing the weekday morning show for the next two weeks, too

I’ll have to listen to see (hear) if he mentions it then too!

Well he hasn’t mentioned it between 0730-0800 this week, I don’t hear the other 90mins. Assuming you have broadband (or are not charged by the minute dial up) you can listen to these 3 shows at the following link:

You will also be able to listen to next Saturdays show for upto a week before it will be replaced.