Jonas Jørgensen: New World Record Longjump 3.30 m

Jonas Jørgensen sat the old record (3.20) at Unicon in New Zealand, but broke it last weekend at the Danish Championships :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy crap! Thats nearly 11 feet!

Amazing! :astonished:

how old are jonas

14 years!

WOW! Thats a huge jump!

WOW, this was an amazing jump again from you Jonas.
I just wonder why there is still that Longjump system in use in Denmark, it dont follow the official rules. We are actualy developing a set of rules also for official IUF World records and they should be ready inner 2010 I think. Up from then we have a clear situation about how to set an official Record cause up to now there is no standard. However, the rules from the rulebook should be used in the minimum I think.

This should not make the jump less awesome, it is amazing how Jonas jump but I thought i should point that out cause many people don’t know about and there is always discussions about World Records. That was the reason why we set up now an standard for it to have clear and comparable records in the future.

I also want to say here that the longjump on that Danish system is from my opinion more difficult then to do it from a rule conform system so I realy respect that jump 110%.

Thumbs up for Jonas!! :astonished:

I think that he can easily do more :stuck_out_tongue: