joining the schlumpf club!

I just bought a KH/Schlumpf hub off ebay and am so excited i just have to tell someone (i tried to convey the awesomeness of it to my house mate but he just smiled and nodded, looking at me like i was a bit of a wierdo for spending so much money on unicycling parts). I just need to get my finances in order and will pay for it this arvo so hopefully i will have it in the next few weeks.

It will be going straight into my KH24 and will be used for DH/XC and everything in between (ahhh the beauty of gears!). So my dream ride is slowly coming together- it looks a bit like this atm

Stock KH07
-Thomson elite seat post

  • Odessy Jim C pedals
  • 150mm moments.

Still in the plans is a custom handle, but that might have to wait until i am no longer broke. I’m thinking something like the GB4 but made from aluminum that can be bolted over the regular KH front handle would be ideal for me.

There is only one small negative from getting a schlumpf- i won’t be able to enter in the single speed category of the Scott24hr mtb race here in Canberra ! Oh well.


Another downside is that you won’t get the AMAZING schlumpf hat:

All the cool unicyclists have schlumpf hats.