Joining the GILD/Sofa ranks

…as well as others who have successfully mastered the suicide mount, but those were the most recent posts on the subject.

Our regular open gym club meetings are on Monday nights. Thursday nights are set aside in a smaller gym specifically for concentration on skills and competition routines. Ben is working on the Zach 360 spin/suicide mount and encouraged me to at least attempt the non-flamboyant suicide mount, otherwise affectionately known 'round these here parts as the soprano mount. So with much, much ado, I attempted to put my 285 lbs. up in the air far enough and land on the seat and pedals delicately enough to call it done.

Admittedly, I couldn’t convince myself do it out on the open floor and had to retreat first to the stage and brace one hand on the ledge. It took awhile to gather up the courage while Mary sat back and grinned (couldn’t quite interpret the grin at that moment). But, after several cheating attempts at the stage wall, I found success. So Ben pulled me out to the open floor. Again, summoning up what little courage I had left, I was able to land the mount many times. Sofa, you’re correct, it’s not as hard as it appears.

Now, no matter what the critics say, this big boy can jump!

Jumpin’ B

Welcome to the club!

Do you see this bruce? ;( I’m scowling… scowling in envy.



I really can’t see anybody getting hurt by trying this and not landing it the first time (although I did :wink: )

Go ahead and try it!

Now you have to try the piraute then suicide, I can get really close its the suicide to the next level… the Castrator?

how exactly is this mount done? do you spin the unicycle or your body? I’m confused! i wanna try!

Man, i wish there were more unicyclists here… theres only, like, 10 or so in the area and not all of them (maybe not half of them) are interested enough in the sport to start a regularly meeting group… alas… I tried once. Not a total failure. we met a few times.

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spin your body while the unicycle sits there then do a suicide. Its a completly blind jump onto the unicycle, seeing as it doesnt balance for too long… Thats the danger of the Castrator.

The other thing I would call a unispin suicide

Are women able to perform ‘The Castrator’?

well done bruce!
easier to get there via the jump mount

so back to this spin thing…
do u hold the uni behind u, let go, spin, jump and hope the uni is still upright?
or hold it in front of u, spin 360 and, and ,and…?
u guys are insane
i thought u spun the uni
good thing i haven’t tried it yet

Re: Joining the GILD/Sofa ranks

GILD wrote:
> so back to this spin thing…
> do u hold the uni behind u, let go, spin, jump and hope the uni is still
> upright?
> or hold it in front of u, spin 360 and, and ,and…?

Er, if you start with it behind you, it’ll still be behind you after the
360. I think you’re just coming up with more stuff for Bruce to try.

Come on, Bruce, 360 reverse suicide. You know you want to… :wink:


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only 10?
you lucky git.
in stirling theres like, well me.
these a few jugglers who can unicycle here but no other “unicyclists”
jugglers often have nice big hall that they meet in, and many of them unicycle a bit. chances are if you don’t have a unicycling club you’ll at least have a juggling club in your area.

Balance the uni in front of you, let go, spin 360, jump (hoping the uni is still upright) and nail the soprano mount. We saw it done many times at UNICON.


What Yoopers calls the Zach 360 spin/suicide mount and what Checkernuts is calling the piraute then suicide or castrator are the same thing. It’s kind of like the telephone game, where I tried to describe the amazing trick that Zach did in one of his UNICON routines to Checkernuts and now he’s trying to nail it.

If anybody has some video footage from UNICON, that would be a good bit to show off.

Footage of Zach may be included in Michael Grant’s clips but I don’t remember the gallery name.