Join the Pink Revolution.

[B]No, it’s not what you think.

I’ve started pimpin’ my ride. I plan on leaving the boudaries of good taste far, far behind.
This will be my Numero Pinko UniHoki Machino.

The Gusset Pimp was just a start…

Here’s Clint lending a helping hand with the fitting.
We had to get welding goggles eventually, it was just more than mere mortals could bear.

And as you can see, even from a distance, this is a really pink tyre.

C’mon, join the revolution, you know you want one.[/B]

Gild, that is hot

I thought about it for 10 minutes and still don’t know what to say.

The phrase ‘that a really pink tyre’ seems to work in this instance.

The phrase ‘that a really pink tyre’ seems to work in this instance.

Neon pink more like it.

At least your teammates will be able to easily find you in the rink during play. Just hope that they aren’t blinded first before passing you the puck.

Well any story with a line like that is heading in the right direction… :slight_smile:

Now you need a saddle to match.


Just don’t go over the top!

Rock on!


Gild that is so so cool!

that a really pink tyre!:stuck_out_tongue:

That tyre is over the top already, so just keep going. The sky is the limit and it’ll have pink clouds in it. Did you know they make pink contact lenses now?

Sarah from EMU’s has had a pink gusset since last Xmas (I think) and it’s amazing how it tends to attract your eye, when playing hockey you seem to hit the ball at it rather than around :thinking:

Gusset bought out an entire range of pimp stuff, an it seems to have spured on a few other companies to do the same. The pink bmx revolution has exploded! You can get every part imaginable in hot pink!

I have also seen a set of pink cranks in the latest issue of Ride bmx mag.

I bought my girlfriend the pink Gusset Bastard grips for her bike.

Rock on!

i know a guy has a pink profile hub. it looks freaking insane

I’ve almost wet myself reading that - so we ask … a carefully constructed double entendre or just an innocent mistake …

Double entendre? What would that be :wink:

Re: Join the Pink Revolution.

hmmm a double entrendre…

if i think hard enough… i’m sure i could give you one!

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> Double entendre? What would that be :wink:
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Thats pink enough to glow in the dark:D