Johnson Ranch MUni

Headed up to San Luis Obispo and made two laps around the Johnson Ranch Loop.
One to ride, and one to make a video for my 3rd month on a uni.
Its a fun spot with about a 4 mile loop. It was nice to see the grass still green, and some water in the creek.

You are riding great! The Ranch looks like a beautiful place. I would love the opportunity to fly around that spot on my 29er. I like your camera work and especially your choice of angles at the beginning.

Please keep up the good work.

Looking good Chad. Beautiful place to ride. I hope that I can ride that well with one more month of practice.



Thanks for the kind words.

It is a cool spot. A 29er would be fun to race around. The climbs could be more of a challenge with a bigger wheel.

I have been putting in a lot of saddle time to improve. It is encouraging to feel the climbs get easier, and the technical sections go quicker. The only downside is I am needing more space to ride since I am getting faster.

Translation please???