John's Unicycle Collectibles photo album

I usually create new threads very rarely. This is pretty major for me to be starting my second one in the same week (the other was in JC)! I have just posted a photo album of some of my unicycle crap (collectibles), and thought people might find it interesting. I started with the Christmas ornaments, just before putting them away after Christmas, then added a few other objects that were handy at the time. Someday I hope to add more, and maybe even photograph my T-shirt collection, and even the actual unicycles! Don’t hold your breath, I might decide to update my ancient web site first… :slight_smile:

For more albums, you can see them all here, or just the unicycling-related ones here.

How do the uni-bars taste? Improve your unicycling at all?

Nice pictures John! Bet those m&m’s taste pretty good. How’d you have those made?

Uni bars:
Taste great, but there’s not much to them. They’re like those wafer candies that are very light material with a little bit of frosting between them? Like 1/4 the weight and substance of a Kit-Kat? Kind of like that, chocolate coated. They improve my unicycling for about five minutes, then the sugar high wears off. :slight_smile:

I got the M&Ms for Christmas. You can order custom M&Ms from their web site. Custom message and colors! Lots of restrictions on what you can say, and # of characters of course.

I like the “bride and groom”

Man you’re a pesimist. That’s your second highly negetive comment today :angry:

I can attest to the uni bars being pretty good. I won one at Moab, and it was great. But I think the fact that it sais uni on the bar makes it at least 7 times better

Hi, John:

You always have interesting pics, and when I saw the ones of you and Eric (Mango) in San Diego I was wondering why you didn’t post a trip report with a few pics – like, those pics. No one much cares if the ride is world class or simple but the trip reports – especially when there are personality and more than Muni shots - seem to generate a lot of enthusiasm and are fun to post and respond to. They are good community builders and are part of the fellowship of having fun.

I’d encourage everyone to bust out the trip reports. There’s always good stories that come out of them. Look at Jamey’s Hollwood fandango.