John Wayne Trail

The John Wayne Trail out of North Bend WA has undergone some changes in the last few years. I know the tunnels are closed and it is probably covered with snow now.

Does anyone have recent, in the last year or so, experience with the trail? I’m thinking it might be a good coker ride. 2.5 percent grade.

Yes, the tunnel is closed but the trail is still in excellent shape, flat railroad grade and slightly downhill. My son and I rode an 18 mile stretch on it last summer. The trick is getting from the road to the trail. Whereas the tunnel entrance was near a parking area the rest of the trail is not. If you choose the wrong trailhead there is a lot of hiking to do.

I suggest entering the trail at the Olallie trailhead, only a short walk up a dirt road to the trail. Then ride to the parking lot at Rattlesnake Lake. Of course, you’ll need a ride to retrieve your car from the trailhead. I can send you a map if interested.