John Drummond on NPR's Talk of the Nation

Today’s installment of Talk of the Nation on NPR focused on bicycling:
recreation, racing, health benefits, Mountain biking vs. road biking,
etc. The last segment was a conversation with John Drummond by phone
from NUC in Washington. The inevitable question about riding in clown
costume was asked, but the interview was generally favorable. You can
hear a replay of the show at:

John was the last segment during the final 10 minutes of the show

John Hooten

After lame attempts to incite emnity between mountain and streat cyclists, host Neal Conan couldn’t resist alluding to wigs and red-ball noses when chating with John. This, of course, is rediculouse- there’s no reason, after all, you couldn’t wear both a lime-green fro’ AND a shiny red pollup on the probuscus. Of coarse, if we were forced to choose sides, you KNOW which camp I would fall in…


Nice job, John! You did field the wig question quite well, I thought!

The unicycle section begins at about 42:48 into the file.

i would have to say that the whole hour of radio was awesome.i would urge everyone to just listen to the whole thing.

“voracious appetites of the automoble” that was the best thing said on there when talking about sharing the the road.