john childs!!!!

i saw you in this forum so i had to ask:

do you still live in philly?

on the roster it says you live i philly but then this says some place in WA

Re: john childs!!!

Cool! There’s another John Childs out there who unicycles.

I’ve never been to Philly. It’s a different John Childs.

I’m in the roster for Washington state
The John Childs in Philly is quite a bit older than me.

wow thats quite a coincidence. i wish there was another obie out there somewhere wheel-walking a giraffe or somethin. Thanks for clearin that up tho.

Re: Re: john childs!!!

But still only one JC.

Re: Re: Re: john childs!!!

Yeah, but you have to go all the way to Ecuador… to hear it.