John Childs!!! Again!!!

Hey, do you know of any freeware mpeg converters for mac other then me sending you my files and having you convert them and then you sending them back to me? You posted a link to one in another thread but it was exclusively windows software. I searched around a bit but couldn’t find anything, can you help a brother out?

  • Zachary

I know very little about Macs. I don’t know of any freeware software for the Mac that will make MPEGs. I don’t even know where best to look for such software. I’m a Windows guy. Sorry.

do you have Quick Time movie player? it converts mpegs on my mac, im not sure if its freeware tho. i have an older mac so my problem is that windows media player works but only for about one frame every 3 seconds so its pretty much pointless. what kind of mac do u have, which OS?

edit: it sayes this will work for OS8 to OSX

Have you checked out Go under the Mac section and you might find something.

Thanks anyway John, I just thought you would be the guy to ask.

I do have quicktime, although I thought all of the fancy stuff came with the version you buy. However I will check my free version nonetheless.

Joona, thanks for the link. They had an mpeg converter on there but it’s for OSX which my old computer doesn’t support. But I’m going to download it anyway and see if I can use it on my parents laptop. Thanks guys.

  • Zachary