John Broderick [ping] - (Fireball Hunter)

John or anyone who knows John Broderick,

I have some questions regarding his Fireball Hunter. I have tried to reach him through
email via his profile over a week ago, but have recieved no reply. I don’t know if he has another email address that he uses regularly.

I am looking into Hunter frames, myself.

I can be reached at teachndad (at)unicyclist(dot)com


He hits me up every now and then on IM. I don’ t have his new SN saved yet, but I’ll get it for you next time he does so.

Re: John Broderick [ping] - (Fireball Hunter)

His aim is HeavyChevyTX. I believe he sold his Hunter a while back, that is, if
you were looking to buy it.


better late than never?

Hey I’m back… 3 years later. Ok so I’m really slow. :slight_smile:

Yes the Hunter was sold about as long ago. A friend of mine has it.

I suppose in 3 years you’ve gotten your question answered… :slight_smile:


I super lurk and mainly hang out in the trading post. i’ve got a nice 29r with custom frame I’m trying to sell. i’m going to grab a trials or do a hyrbid 24 for muni/trials… good to see ya back on the board.

Yes, I did, thanks.

It’s pretty funny. I haven’t read the board in over a week, and I open up the this forum and the first thread was started by myself despite not having been involved with the board in a while. Gawd, that was a long time ago.