Joe's Letter

I don’t know if any1 here is into Mountain Biking or such, but incase you didn’t know, Joe Rowing got a Muni letter written in MBUK (Mountain Bike UK).
Just wanted to congradulate joe on the letter and the pic. It’s good that people are trying to spread the sport of Muni to a wider audience.

Well done again Joe :sunglasses:

Re: Joe’s Letter

What did he say? (Not necessarily verbatim). And what did the picture show?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

It said the following (sorry joe)

“dear MBUK: I’d like to propose a day’s riding with u guys, if your up for it. Why? well, i’d like to raise the profile of muni riding (MTB unicycling) and show you the trails from a uni rider’s perspective. I believe that with the release of a new Red Bull DVD (I’m on the cover!), unicycling will soon become more widely accepted. it’s time that someone demonstrated that we Muni riders are as serious as any other cyclist. I may not be the best person for the job, but i reckon i could tackle duel and downhill courses, and ride any trails a standard mountain bike can…PS can you mention my website - - it caters for every1’s custom unicycle needs…Thanks!”

then they replied

OK, Joe. i’m publishing this here because i like the pic. shame to let it go to waste.

sorry, the picture is on his website, it’s called DECENT OF GRAVEL SLOPE

Cool. Thanks,

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

yes. I’m doing an article with MBUK in the future actually.

Just for the record I didn’t ask them to plug the web-site and the letter has been heavily edited.

I’m working on a muni article for
It’s not due until next month, so I haven’t put much work into it yet. I was a fixed gear and single speeder before I got into unicycles. I’ll post a link when the article is up.


I did a bit of grass-track racing etc and some singlespeed MTB amongst other things

I was introduced to that web site last month by a single speeder in the local MTB club I’m in. Fixed gear mountain biking on single track trails with roots, rocks, switchbacks and other technical bits is crazy. It’s gotta be very technically challenging. I’m amazed that anyone is doing it successfully on real singletrack trails.

I’ve seen single speeders on the trails, but I have yet to see anyone on a fixed gear. If/When I finally see a fixed gear bike on the trail I’ll probably react they way bikers react to unicycles on the trail - amazement and awe.

For fun I like to call my muni a SWFGSS (Single Wheel Fixed Gear Single Speed).

A couple of years ago I set up my fixed gear road bike (25mm tyres) with 5 inch cranks and took it off-road a few times. The short cranks made it possible to ride in ruts without being kicked off by the pedals hitting the sides.

I was a wimp and had a back brake as well as a front brake though.

I rode more of the Red Bull 24 hour course on a recce lap on that bike than I managed on my Coker later!

Leo White