Joe Rowing Muni

Joe Rowing Muni:

Rowing Frame
Onza Hub & Cranks
Alex DX 32 Rim

$550 + Shipping from 22939 Virginia

This uni I kept a work and rode around the gravel lot. It has only been on the trail a couple times. Basically the hub/cranks/wheel and tire are like new. It’s never done drops. Needs an active rider. It just collects dust with me. I’ll post a couple pics now and add some later.

Nice looking muni… what’s the wheel size?

what is the seatpost size?

It’s a 24" with a Primo 22.2mm seat post.

I’m not sure if these frames are available in 24" anymore. UDC UK has the 20" version for $285.

Here is an email Joe Rowing sent me about this frame:

If that was Frank A’s old one (which it looks like) then it was one of the first sent over to the USA.

It was specially made to order and if I remember correctly it has slightly more height clearance than the other early ones. I believe it will fit a gazalodi although I prefer a halo or kujo as they have a more agile, rounder profile.

Everything on it was produced by myself. the machineing, tube bending, brazing etc.

The material is T45 and 4130 cromo tube and I use special high strength brazing filler.

The seat tube was made for a 22.2 cro-mo BMX post to be used with any of the rail-adaptors or my own carbon bonded rail seats.
That said the standard 22.0 will probably just about fit.

The bearing holders are precision machined to take the 40mm bearings of the profile hub. the standard square-taper hubs will also fit

  • the frame pre-dates the KH hubs and the more recent KH MKII hubs (which I helped design)

The finish is powder-coating, the inside is all waxoiled to rust-proof.

If you’re curious about the design - it was built to my own design as the best MUni that money could produce.

the twin-tubes are to reduce width of the frame whilst still providing plenty of clearance. It had to be steel to allow a little bit of zing when flicking it through singletrack.
The twin stay at the back supports the rear stay in a much stiffer and lighter way than the Hunter.

Personally I don’t use brakes and prefer the challenge of riding without them - Frank didn’t want brake bosses either so it has none.

I have here and still ride my prototype “Blizzard” frame. it has been all over the place - even to Germany with Kris and suffered much abuse without dinging, bending or breaking.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine!


A bit more info…

I actually had two of Joe R’s Blizzard frames. The one that Joe built for me and another that I bought used from an ebay auction.
The frame I had ordered was later sold to Jagur. He runs (or ran) 26" wheels exclusively so he asked for the taller of the two frames. He doesn’t have it anymore and I don’t know where it ended up.
The ebay frame is the one I sold to PDC. That was a bit shorter, basically a standard 24" muni. Both frames were able to run a 26"x 2.5 or a 24" x 3.0. As Joe states, there were built for the Halo/Duro tire. They will accept a 3.0 Gazz but it will rub the frame under hard efforts.
PDC has two Blizzard frames but I don’t know where the second came from.
I disagree with Joe R. when he states that the rear twin stay design is stiffer and lighter that the Hunter. I have owned 5 Hunters and as noted, 2 Blizzards. So I speak from experience and I prefer my Hunter. But the Blizzards are nice, bombproof munis.

  • Frank