Joe In 'SLO-MO' Short, Sweet and Slow.

just made this vide cause i was bored and learned 540 spins and… the hickflip in my last vid was filmed by a F^%%ucking chimp!

That footplant up to the picnic table was insane. I wanna learn:D

good tricks.

Yeah!!! That was worth watching… short, sweet and to the point. That footplant to the table was very good. Watched that a couple of times.

thanks guys, it did have music but it got booted off youtube for copyright infringement haha… ouch.

sweet as man, didnt see this on here nice 540’s! and the footplant thing was cool. :stuck_out_tongue: cant wait for the ride on sunday … hopfully my seatpost holds up.

vimeo ftw.

What does ftw stand for? I’m sorry for the threadjack, but this has been bugging me for a while.:o

For The Win

Footplant thing was awesome, if I wanna try them when I get a highjump thing set up or I find a good one.

Cool vid.

AHA i knew it! lol that’s what I thought. okay back on topic…
Sick vid, footplant on bench was crazy smooth. Loved it:)

for the win ay? i had no idea what that meant either but i got the jist. apparently the footplant was good, i can hop onto picnic tables now so… o yeah i do it onto higher things i guess.

I like how smooth you got that ghost dab up the table!