Joe Hodges video- Koxx One

Hey there,

it’s just chance really, the video wasn’t done in any particular order so it was by pure luck there was more seat-in at the start.

EDIT: Also, to answer some other peoples’ questions… this was pretty roughly put together and we cut out so much decent footage including tech lines. It was a rush for FLUCK. But the next one’ll be neater and have better footage hopefully. Regarding street tricks, you’re not really going to see it because Joe’s a pure trials rider and dabbling in little crankflips and so on isn’t his thing. I think there are loads of street vids and far too few awesome trials vids so I’m just trying to portray his trials.

I’d say that trial was a success.(like you guys haven’t heard that one before :roll_eyes: )

anyone know why joe took this off his youtube/can anyone upload it somewhere else?

yeah, I want to rewatch it :frowning:

i have it saved :stuck_out_tongue: ill see if i can post it.

yep uploaded it to the gallery. i dont know if he cares or not.


lets me know if it doesnt work


It didnt work for me.

I might cry if the same happens to me

Chears manon1wheel

Btw gotjinks have you tried coverting the file?

Get a tissue ready, It didnt work for me either.

It does work though! :slight_smile: You need a program called super to convert it so windows media player will play it.

Looks like Im the only on needing a tissue then :frowning: nevermind, Il get over it

… some day

Windows classic player will do the trick to.
You can download it for free, search on Google.
No thanks :wink:

Peter M

I knew id seen another joe hodges video with a table falling over somewhere.Anyone still got this video ?

Hes just uploaded it again :slight_smile:

this is still amazingly good!

I saw this earlier on Its so awesome :smiley: Even at the start where he does that jump, it looked really big(maybe if he somehow fails at unicycling-Which is imposible at this rate-he coud become a freerunner :P)