Joe Hodges video- Koxx One

Hey there,

this is the Joe Hodges video that I’ve been filming and editing for over a year now. We haven’t got all the best stuff on, as we are saving it for the next vid.

For now, enjoy.


By far the best video on here in a long time.

wow I absolutely love it… how old is he?
he ride his seat is pretty low for seat out but he still manage to hop some big obstacles…

nice vid, music was interesting. did he test the tabel first? :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like Joe’s seat down low style. I think I’ll go and lower my seat a bit more and give it a try.

yea, I have my seat low, because I like the extra seat in hoppin, though idk how it affects my tricks. I likes the 6:35 seconds and on…jk nice vid.

That’s one of the few trials movies I’ve really enjoyed.

Have you not seen Ryan Atkin’s Rails Big Moves and More Rails 2? I know its sort of old but that is a great trials vid :smiley:

sweet, i just came back from fluck, where i met joe hodges, he is really good

thats pretty cool…
ive only seen a few clips of anything of joe hodges so this is pretty sick stuff…especiall that pedal grab from rail to wall…and that bench falling apart was soo funny!

That was cool…Kinda long though. But Cool

Nice Video Sponge/Joe, is the photo at 11 seconds St.Paul’s Gap? What happened with that, it looks like he’s about to go face down in the water.

I didn’t like it. The music wasn’t good and there was just to many high hops and pedal grabs. I think it would have been better if there were more longer and technical lines.

I thought the music was awesome, I just wish we had a link to a higher quality download, maybe from

Joe’s got mad trials skills, no doubt, but not enough variety to keep a video interesting for more than a couple minutes. He can jump higher and further more consistently than anyone else I’ve seen, but after I’ve seen it a few times I’m bored. I’m ADD as a hell though.

Awesome vid guys! Its always good to see stuff from hodges.


Rock on!

yeah! :smiley: and I’ll pray I can go :roll_eyes:

yeah, thats would have improved it

That was really good:D

So, what was w/ the ambulance? Was Joe OK?

He has some MASSIVE hops, but some more variety in his riding would be nice. More and diff trials lines and maybee some street tricks thrown in there.

And what was w/ the 4 minutes of nothing at the end?:frowning:

That was great stuff.

I thought the music was fine…The picnic table falling apart was awsome. And the broken seat. Haha!

And he ground a handrail, how awsome is that??

Yeah… I mostly just remember when his suitcase got glued to the floor though…

man… he is tottaly insane!
i loved the part when he broke the table hahaha looked like a lego table.

looking he riding makes me want to lower my seat a little bit hehe :smiley:

joe, in the lasts videos you released your trials was most sit in. and now it is almost entire sit out.

what maked you change this style ?