Joe Hodges Vid 7! [Guest: Mark Fabian]


Joe just asked me to post his last videos! HOT!

Some sick stuff and really clean lines! Mark is also on the video!

Soon I will post part 2! There’s more!

Enjoy :wink:

Good to see him get rid of the double prehop.

i’m thoroughly inspired :astonished:

That was fucking insane. 5ft? Holy shit.

Makes me really want to go practice way more.

Does joe have a day job or does he just unicycle everyday?


He has a day job and he rides every other day so 4 times a week

So am i :smiley: i just got back from Aus uni nationals and felt motivated but now im motivated more than ever before.Expect an amazing video in a couple weeks

Great work both of you!

My mouth hurts casue my jaw dropped so far! HOLY THAT WAS AWESOME. Makes me actually want to practice my sidehop… Can’t wait for the second part.

Anyone notice the white frame? not sure what it is…


Sooooo awsome!
Look at 1:38, the woman in the background is hilarous :stuck_out_tongue:

the green spirit frame?

Insane, makes me want to ride now xD

Insane, that 150cm pedalgrab looked rediculous.

WOW !!! Blown away by the sheer size of the hops, drops, and gaps !!! Amazing stuff.

siiiick! when is the second part coming out?

part 2 will be out in a week, yes its green spirit

wow, super vid!

SHIT! Did you really knew that he was riding EXACTLY THIS FRAME?

His Green Spirit was mine… I sold it to Joe (UTV Sponsor)!


As I say with all good trials videos, a lot better than I could have done!

I liked the music at the end too. That was really cool. Thank you, I think I will look into more stuff by Reso.

Holy shit, that was so impressive! Makes me want to get into trials… Nice music too.