Joe Hodges - Vid 6 [1 of 3]

What was that with the KH logo at 5:17 :thinking:

I think because max also comes in it…(sponsored by kh) :wink:

yeah, thats me in there i can’t wait to see the other parts too making me want to go big

new parts!! :astonished:

Damn! Loved the Luke c move out of the crank idle Spence. And the freestlye line was amazing. Nice hair too.

Joes riding was nice too :stuck_out_tongue:

vid sucked, but the riding kept me watching.

Your weird :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t even like trials, but that was hella sick!

Yes, that collaltoesque move that spencer did was awesome.

And everything else was awesome to.

I liked that SIF grind to 90, lol.

Joe’s most boring video.

Although parts 2, 3 and 4 were better.

I liked how he didn’t just get onto difficult skinnies; he dismounted in spectacular ways!
He must have some painful spills now and then.

The hop onto the rock was great too. Someone needs to check his wheel for glue. That can’t be possible.