Joe Hodges - Vid 6 [1 of 3]

Joe asked me to post for him. Enjoy!!

Great lines.
I realy like lines like the bench to prehop on concrete below to pedal grab on blue rail.
Nice job Joe


You’d think once you get to a certain skill level, you can’t get much better. Evidently not.

the whole video was simply amazing, i cant beleive how far joe can jump from on a skinny!! its nuts…

Wow, that was amazing. Clearly Joe is owning, I loved that giant pedal grab to the rail… it was crazy!

That was so cool, I’m really excited for part 2 and 3!

But, it seemed like there were too many pedal grabs to rails, just go straight up, Ryan Atkins style :sunglasses: :wink:

Great video though!


holy… he motivates me big time… best riding ive ever seen.

he hops on a rail like its nothing…

Sooooo amazing! :astonished: Can’t wait for the next parts, best vid i’ve seen in a while!

Awesome video as usual, can’t wait for the other parts!

That was wonderful.

Nice work Joe! I cant wait to see the rest of the vid. Hehehe, You didn have any shots of the preacher ;-D. Oh and I now hate the spot at 4:20, I still need a new rim :angry:

Didn’t like the music or editing.


WOW Insane riding !! Everytime i watch this i want to go out and ride

Vimeo if anyone wants it :

awesome riding !!! :astonished:
you really keep ketting better every time !!
great editing,riding,music…
and there where really huge gaps,hops,rails… in it!!

You’re the best :slight_smile:
I want to see part 2 :smiley:


That was insane!
Nice lines BTW.

Im pretty sure I saw Max in Here. Hopping onto the bench, riding it, and gap to the concrete ledge, then it shows Joe doing the same just without riding the bench.

Sweet video. Great riders. Cant wait for the others.

Yeah that was Max, he should be in the other parts too.

Joe, you’re a friggin rockstar. Legend.