Joe Hodges - Vid 6 [1,2,3 & 4]

All 4 parts

There are still loads of unused clips for the deleted clips section!!
and more crack heads maybe…

wow great stuff joe liked the flat to keep it up i loved it

that was sick… list of riders? was that max and who was the freestyler?

flatland rider is spencer. and yeah it looked like max…
edit: maybe not… now that i look closer i dont think thats him.

no, that is me

What front lift handle did the flat dude have? He also had some pretty rad hair!


awesome vid. awesome hair.

Youre doing KH proud max keep it up !!!

Awesome vids man! :astonished:

Trialporno, realy hot stuff :sunglasses:

awesome vids, i liked every line of them.

DAMN! seat out in vid 3 on the handrail!! now thats some sick control…

:astonished: whoa. Best trials rider in the world.

An x only makes a z sound in the beginning of a word so that’s kinda weird to call him kraxy. It doesn’t sound like crazy.

oh i knew it was you max, but who is the flat rider?

It’s me.
And my handle is just a KH handle with pink tape over the top to cover the hole.

Spencer I am digging the dreads man.