Joe Hodges Vid 4

Holy crap! That was beautiful.

congrats joe- that was mind blowing. The size of everything you do is simply astounding. Personally i really liked the music- (you should check out this UK dub artist that goes by the name burial. His new album ‘untrue’ is absolutely fantastic and i think you’d like it)
Keep up the great riding.

Just saw that remake again, and wondered what the song name is?
I heard it before somewhere else, but can’t remember.

I know where you heard it, Tony Hawks American Wasteland. Lol… I think its like skate jungle or something, idk, jerrick can answer that. Its a good song.

Yeah, I was thinking either that, THP8 or Skate.
I realy miss my XBOX 360 for that games :frowning:

Lol, ive never played any of those games.

Yeah, I answered your question on youtube, but just incase you didnt check that yet. The band is An Endless Sporadic, and the song is, well, actually I dont know the name. It says “An Endless Sporadic roughs”.

If you want, hop onto msn anytime and I can send you it.

I got it, the song is “Sun of perl” by “An Endless Sporadic”

that vid was brilliant.
one of the best.
joe hodges if freakin awsome!