Joe Hodges Vid 4

Ah… not just me then!
I had to look it up. Apparently it stands for “quoted for truth” or “quite f*ing true”.


lol yeh i got that i wasnt sure whether it was some new amanda had for me lol, im hoping to spark some more controversy to this thread with my last post ha ha ha x

pushing the limits as usual… meh

Nice moves that not a lot of people could do. I liked how a lot of the lines went up onto huge high walls or buildings, or whatever they were…

I come from a drumming background, as well as guitar, viola, and a load more of anything about music. Just for me, Joes riding is big and exciting. The DnB stuff doesnt capture that for me.

I did this in about 3mins. So far the people I have showed through msn have liked it more. Your thoughts? Just remember, it was only with a few mins, and very simple changing of things.

Sorry jerrick, I hated it. I like the trance music style that joe has, especially k1 vid 3.

Sounds good but I deffenitly prefer the style of music he uses for his vids…

I agree, the one in vid 3 was very good…I didn’t like it at all in vid 2 though. This one’s was ok but he kept changing…then at the end didn’t have anything at all

I dont think fast paced music works with trials.I love the dnb joe uses in his vids if he edits it properly and you have to remember that he threw the 4th vid together very quickly and even apoligizes for it at the end.I think the vid he makes after unicon will be amazing :smiley:

I’m not complaining at all in no way either I’m just saying I like the other vids’ music better

The music was cool I thought. Nothing i would really listen to on my spare time, but really good as background music.

well, automatically i’m going to be biased, because i’m so used to the kind of music joe puts in his vids. and lately i’ve been getting into a lot of underground hip hop, trip hop, and john coltrane. not much ‘harder’ stuff in any of that. the only thing that’s hard that i’ve heard lately is between the buried and me. i do appreciate the energy, as a listener of post-hardcore music. some of the bits remind me of zappa, king crimson, and dream theater. do you like any of those bands?

you have a lot of talent, and sound like you have an overall knowledge of music (theory also, perhaps?). i’d like to hear what you could do if you had an actual band behind you.

Sorry if you dont like it, it was just an expirement, and I think it wasnt too bad for having pre-edited clips. Trust me, if it was all the raw footage, id of spent a lot more time than 3mins, and would give out a better result. Im just having fun though.

Funny though, cause I jsut got back from seeing BTBAM, 3, and Opeth. Dream Theater is basically my favorite band.

I have a band too, actually. We just did a sweet show a few nights ago. Ill work on getting some good recordings of us if youre interested. Id like to carry this on through PM to not take the thread off topic.

Anyways. Joe rocks my trialin socks off! Its fun to watch such a good rider still improve in every aspect through the videos.

Does Joe enter in many bike trials comps?

From what I know quite a few
speaking of bike trial comps Im competing i one this sunday :smiley:

Damn, he’s by far my favorite rider. Sure if you want “street flare” hes is not your man, but if you want pure unadulterated trials skill he can’t be beat. I really don’t care to see a uni-spin or “street flare” in a trials video, I want trials. I want massive and tech moves. Really it is quite inspiring, it’s awesome to see what can indeed be done. I don’t think it gets any better than this for a pure trials video.

now it’s at least two people i’ve seen in this thread define street flare as throwing a unispin into a trials line.

the thing about people criticizing my ‘street flare’ comment, is that they must not truly understand what ‘pure’ trials is. urban is not ‘pure’ trials. natty is.

to me, adding in street tricks wouldn’t just be ‘flare,’ it’d be a hybrid of trials and street…somewhere along the lines of keaton miller, if you’ve seen his stuff.

when i see people in urban environments my first reaction is to want to see street flow like how the pavement flows on and on.

like joe said, the editing was messed up. i like his fast moves, and with good editing all of the up and down maneuvers will look a lot less choppy from one scene to the next.

joe and tom are my two fav. trials riders at the moment. tom is hella stylish. joe is a maniac.

because of this video i am pushing myself hard these days. joe’s right about fighting to win lines.

wtf lol pure trials is not just natural
Unicycle trials is a form of unicycling which involves participants attempting to ride a unicycle over obstacles without any part of the rider touching the ground

Kid beat me to it.

that’s why you see how many comps being held on urban only terrain?

i wasn’t talking about just unicycle trials. where does bike trials come from? where does moto trials come from? flagged parts of the natural environment. unless held inside, there are usually few to no man made obstacles in bike/moto comps.

and trials takes place on a marked course, with marked levels.

outside of that realm is not pure trials. yeah, sure, you may be doing trials ‘moves,’ but you’re just free-styling around…free riding.

i don’t know how that doesn’t make sense.

Trials is defined as getting over a set series of obstacles without putting your feet down or leaning against anything. Where it is done does not matter. I have seen many trials competitions, moto, bike, and uni done on man made obstacles. Look at fluck, unicon, etc. World championships in japan are done on man obstacles, so I disagree that natural is the only kind of “pure trials”.

I like natural as it is both technical with some big moves. It is a good way to measure overall trials skill, not just jumping power.