Joe Hodges Vid 4

It’s important to understand that Joe does indeed have a ton of street flare, he is one of the biggest rail grinders in all of unicycling for starters, and can make his riding very stylish with flowsome 180s here and there. But he doesn’t care about that. If you went riding with him, you’d see he’s got a lot more flow, creativity, and style than 99% of riders. Sure, Ryan’s got a smoothie style, and that’s cool :slight_smile:

His ideology is pretty much that a trials vid is a trials vid, for trials, showcasing trials. If your pure trials skills are good enough to impress on video, you don’t really have to showcase your streety flare as a backup. I can’t watch this vid at school, but is his 110cm seat-in sidehop in there?

I need to get back into unitrials.

I was (again) amazed by this SUPERB video.
Sick lines and great attacking style.
No handed gap was insane!!!
Joe, your my hero :wink:
Hope to see you again at BUC.

Peter M

I must say, this is like the 3rd vid that’s like 6 min+ long, use bass 'n drum and have still shots of him jumping up something. Sure, he’s an awesome rider and some of the lines are SICK but really, I wanna see something new…

How is the stuff he is doing not new? No handed hops, huge hops to skinnes, or massive rail gaps. All these things have never been done, so I don’t understand where you are coming from.

No handed hops have been around forever… It’s just nobody films them…

His no handed hop was impressive, but not new.

Did you even read my post? He’s done like three videos with the same style, what more do I have to say? Of course it’s not the same lines in every video, but it’s just the same stuff over and over… Jump up, jump down, gap this, gap that, you know where I’m getting. I wanna see a moving camera, close up shots, different music (the bass n drum stuff is getting repetitive) and longer lines.
I know people will still flame me, but this is my opinion and I can stand for it. :smiley:

I think you read my post wrong or um my writing skills let me down and I didnt quite say what I ment.

The vid was awesome, I realy liked it. Theres no doubt about that. What I was trying to say is like I realy like the way ZB and RA skip across nobaly rocks, how there riding seems to flow so nice and how enjoyable it is to watch, despite none of there gaps or ups being nearly as big. If JH could capture that it would leave no reason to go outside, you could just watch his videos all day every day :sunglasses:

The better you get at riding, the more critical everyone else gets. The riding was amazing, I liked the lines where he ended up on really high walls.

What was up with the round black thing on the right side? The vid felt like it was just quickly thrown together to me. I would like to see something nicely edited.

This is Joe’s response on youtube if you guys haven’t seen it.

I did something last night that some people may like. It was quick though, so nothing special.


The fact is, Joe is original - he has his own style. Does anyone else ride like him? No. Point proven.

I agree here, however.

I think taking the camera off the tripod will make a huge difference - I like videos that put you in the action, not behind a screen.

Pretty sure, that is what trials is, considering it is a complete trials video.

Really I love it, Joe does trial extremly good! I like very much his tirals videos!

One thing i have never seen zack or ryan do in a video is jump over a really high rail like joe does in this vid.I would say the way joe jumps over them has alot of street flare like how he lands and just rolls backwards into the road and stuff lol Im not sure what im talking about.

Wow, crazy

I’ll agree that he does do most of the same stuff, but I don’t think anyone can say anything, conidering he’s the like the top rider in the world. I also like how there wasn’t so much time riding rails. Plus the no hander gap was insane, I couldn’t do that line with hands. I like how he landed backward out of his lines and did a smooth half cab out. And it’s crazy how high he is in some of his lines, I would be afraid to ride on some of the stuff he was gapping on to. Overall awesome video, just poor editing.

the only reason you little idjits are saying its samey is because hes motivated enough to put out one video every month, you lot should be greatful cos everyones always starting threads saying ‘i miss zack’ or please ryan make another video. and if thy bought out a video you wouldn’t call it samey because they havent done one for yonks. you can still see huge progression every video,

and saying no handed hops arent new, is true, but i think its pretty stupid to act like that wasnt a new level. because thats a brave gap to do no handed he must have been tripping on something when he decided to go for that

I remember when I used to say they were kinda the same, because it was focused a lot on rails, which isnt bad, and there wasnt much tech going on, just ride rail, big ups. Its gotten a lot better now, over rails, onto rails, rail to rail, big ups, big downs, big gaps, still the rails, but now thats its blended in with a lot of other lines, its not bad.

Nice. I like watching trials and don’t find it boring at all if it’s done well. It’s one of those things I’d sort of like to be able to do myself, but not quite enough to actually put the effort in to learn!

Not heard that one before - had to look it up. I’m getting too old and uncool :o


I agree.

I guess I’m just still so won over by the Heaton-style of videos. I really really love Defect, mainly for its editing.

I think it would be sweet to see a Pec/Hodges collab video.

And I wasn’t complaining. I come from a bmx background, so that street flow is something that I naturally crave. And since he’s currently the no1 rider in the whole world, I crave it from him, naturally. Someone linking lines, using smooth editing, it makes everything look so in control, and carefully paced. And that’s pretty much why Defect still hasn’t gotten old to me. I can still watch that movie. It’s got a lot of personality, and showcases the riders’ 'uni’que personalities. For those of you saying that Zack and Ryan weren’t doing stuff that big, it WAS big THEN. It was the best the world of trials unicycling had to offer.

Joe is, without a doubt, the best rider in the world. How much longer he will be around, before he goes the way of the rest of the ‘greats’ is anyone’s guess.

I don’t understand the complaints about DnB. Then again, I come from a drumming background as well. The music has never bothered me.

Keep up the top of the line work, Mr. Hodges!

whats the big fuss about this video, he did like one medioca sized hop which i could probably hop up even without my Uni, the no handed hop was like a foot gap. those path blocking rail things were in a midget park so they were only like 2 foot high, i dont see how all this makes Joe any where near the best in the world.

whats QTF