Joe Hodges Vid 4

Joe asked me to post for him,


Amazing vid.

That jump 50 seconds in was no handed…that whole video was amazing…
Editing wasn’t as hot as the other vids though for sure…but I don’t mind watching that w/out any music because it’s so mind blowing…

Officially my favorite trials rider. That was RIDICULOUS. I turned the music off and played my own though :).

Just when im getting happy with my riding, I see this and it brings me right back down.

Im going to go practice now. Sweet video.

So good. So freaking amazing. He really is pushing uni trials.

Another amazing vid:D:D:D

I almost missed the no handed hop at 0:50

yeah, i had to replay it to see what i thought i saw lol.

Pretty crazy stuff. I’m hoping to be hopping this good by end of summer. I’ll practice enough that i’ll get pretty good by end of june. My drummer cant practice at all in june, so most my times gonna be in unicycling then.

might as well, before he probably ends up quitting like all of the others when they were getting into their peak. (sorry, the older i get, the more i get discouraged by this uni’ing ‘trend’).

he is amazing, but the ‘street flare’ part of me is wishing he had more style. that is in no way a criticism, it’s just what i like to see more of. but yeah, i feel like i suck now, even though i’ve been getting better lately.

nice… nice…

exceeds me in trials by far :wink:

Thanks for clearing that up:D .

Yea I agree, obviously his riding is pretty dam amazing, his ups and gaps are huge and he is awesome at riding skinnies but I would still rather watch Zack Baldwin or Ryan atkins, even when they couldnt jump nearly as high and its an old vid and I have already watched it many times. Like most trials bike vids, its very impresive but doesnt seem to flow as well and isnt as good to watch. If it had that ‘street flare’ it would make one killer vid.

I’m confused to what you two are saying. You want him to do what in his lines? Add a random unispin here and there and hoptwists? Give me an example here.

Im getting pretty annoyed,
First people were complaining about the rial riding, hopw boring it is.
So he put barely any balance in this vid.
Now getitng complaints about style!!

Screw the style, Its the LINES!!!

be greatfull he even makes vids.


The rail riding was sick, I missed it this time. Joe does have his own style: going huge and going tech, and sometimes both. (Gap between the dumpster edges was masive. I don’t see why he has to copy RA or ZB’s style to be considered equal.

Well, cause watching mins go by of someone riding a rail does get boring. Its slow.

Dont freak out, cause its only a few people who have said it in this thread. I agree with them though. Watching Zach and Ryan, they had a certain “OOmph” to their riding, a certain flair like you would see a street rider have when they are flipping down sets. They wernt doing unispins and crankflips along there lines, but there was something happening in there.

Joe, great rider, but that doesnt come out from his vids. Maybe its the music, cause its still the trancey type of stuff, which to me, doesnt work for trials really. It can, but so far it hasnt. I dont know, I cant explain why I dont feel it from Joes videos, but I dont.

Grateful? lol.

I think his style looks a little goofy because he has the seat so low, but thats his personal style so it is ok. After watching the video I can understand why Ryan quit ;), some lines where so tech and these are the lines you need to win a fair trials competition.

Thats why he speads the rials up.
Im not frekain out, it just annoys me, people complain about the rails so he doesnt put many if any in, to make his vids more enjoyable then people are complainging about style!
I prefer joes riding over Ryans and Zack.
but thats just me.
Im also not the best speller.

Joe’s videos are amazing, I generally don’t like trials videos but Joe makes every trials video great to watch. People should stop complaining, you jealous lot :stuck_out_tongue: he’s biketrialing on a unicycle, its brilliant

I like Joe’s vids. I also like the music, I don’t normally listen to that sort of stuff, but I know Joe does and thats a bit of him coming through in the vid. I also associate the music with London and riding in the city, don’t know why, perhaps its cause thats were all the funky sub-cultures are that you only see when visiting the capital.

Reminds me of the London rides, we need another one soon.


I just watched a video of this guy who could hop REALLY HIGH… It was this one!