Joe Hodges - Unicycle High Jump - 128cm (48inch) over bar!

Joe Hodges 128cm over bar!


wow, i completly stuffed up this post lol
its 123 over bar not 128,
and forgot to give link :angry:

That says 123 cm…I’m to lazy to decide who was wrong.

holy cow! he was easily fifty inches in the air.

It was almost nipple hight on him!! That’s amasing!



He can probably jump high to begin with? (without the unicycle)

Holy shit. Hes technique was perfect. I call it the tuck and turn :smiley:

he told me its all special effects and he can only actually do 60cm over a bar, sorry to spoil the dream for you guys

Yeah, smoke and mirrors.

again insane !!! :astonished:
He could do at least 135 cm !! (stop at 0:24-0:25) looks he had a stil a lot of space :smiley:


yea i saw it the other day it’s fucking sick…:smiley:

That was a realy high and clean hop.
The tuck and turn methode (like unicyledood called it) looked cool.
Almost like he did a tabletop over it.

Can he jump that high onto something?

Just a matter of time before he hits something higher. If he gets a decent bar set up like mine, I’m sure he could get 130 over the bar. Considering his jump up obstacles, this is probably a pretty average hop for joe;) .

My bar only goes up to 46 inches (ha).