Joe Hodges Unicycle Fail

Joe wanted me to post this here ;):

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Are that fence at metal?! :astonished:

ouh… :frowning: it will hurt…

 but...:p  funny....:D:D:D


That calls for revenge!

haha must bee hurt:D

crikey! Thats a nasty fence to be riding. Those spikes look pointy.
Is he okay?

Not too bad, it seems.

Ouch! Glad to hear he is not hurt to badly.

That must hurt. :astonished: That fence is very scary with all those spikes.

looks super painful I hurt from watching it

I kept saying to myself NO… NOOO!! PLEASE NO every second of the video. Totally owns Max’s line :s


Exactly what I was saying to myself!:smiley:

Jesus Christ that looked painful.

Unicycling is finally starting to get dangerous.Which means we are alot closer to seeing its potential :smiley:

I hope it doesnt get too dangerous. =S i like the slower safer stuff to be honest…i mean other people can do the fast/high/dangerous stuff because its impressive to watch :slight_smile:

Nasty bail joe. nice line though :slight_smile:

To bad … nice jeans. His Mama is gonna be angry.

Max’s wooden fence line. Not sure which ones better tho… Max’s wasn’t completely straight. But dang, Joe’s line is much more dangerous.

Ouch… nuf said… Sweet that he did do it though.

Best of luck with a full recovery of your gonads Joe

oh right that one. i thought u were comparing this fail with a bad fail max may hav had that i just hadnt seen. but i c wat u mean now