Joe Hodges: Unicon hungarian style

Joe asked me to post a vid that he made at Unicon:

Rim that “explodes” is a magnesium rim after only 2 hours of riding.

Some big hops in there…I couldn’t understand what they were saying most of the time:p

trust me, it’s better that you don’t understand it :smiley:

No, he’s Watson. :slight_smile: He is the director of the sinco univids.
(I haven’t been at unicon anyway)

I watched this yesterday and WOW !! Sorry joe but i think fabians hop in that movie looked alot cooler.But whatever gets you up there i suppose

Need more unicon vids!!

Bummer about the rim. Does that happen much for sidehoppers?

Apparently the rim broke after 2 hours and he was testing out a magnesium rim.It turned out to be crap

Like I allready said in the starter post, some people need to learn reading :wink:

lol i didnt see that.I read it in the DOB magnesium rim thread

I saw him pop his tyre doing a sidehop prehop aswell. Crazy fellow :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, are you going to upload the video that Benny showed in the Video Contest??? WAS REALLY GOOD! I really want to watch it again!


thanks! :slight_smile: sure, it’ll be available by the weekend i guess