Joe Hodges Trials vid

Just quickly, here is an old video of Joe Hodges haha. I don’t know if he wants people to see it so no one tell him ok? Haha.

Well, yeah, it’s old and rubbish quality, enjoy!



I have never seen this guy riding…

his damn good!!

and rides seat in… which I do too…

I`d like to see more of joe hodges…

are there any other videos?

Cool stuff, but you were damn right about the quality :p. When are we going to see all of this footage that has apparently been around for so long.

I’m trying to get the BUC vid now. But he’s being a muppet haha. He won’t reply, I don’t think he can be arsed to send it. I’m trying though mate, I really am.

Mike says:
hey matey
Mike says:
can you start to send that BUC vid, I’ll leave the comp online
Mike says:
Mike says:
Mike says:
You there
Mike says:

Will try again later.


Hah thanks man, I have been waiting forever for it, but I guess I can always wait a bit longer.

thats not old footage mike, well like 6 months old, not really old and someones done something to the original footage because it wasn’t like that before

someone should definately give hodges a camera LOL

thats just not watchable lol i mean it doesnt even look like him !

I’ve seen that b4 Its not new… idk where I saw it… maybe unicycle TV

I have seen that before also and it was alot better quality, not sure were i saw it though :o

I can make a promise you haven’t seen all of that. You saw about 6 clips that have stuck in your head. I can’t believe you didn’t notice some of the older stuff.

The clips you recognized was from (I think…).


P.S It was edited on a phone! hahaha.

[EDIT] He is just sending me his part. I hope he will then send me my part but well… I don’t know.

yea i remember an old forum showin this vid, talking about about how low his seat is.

does he still ride today?

Youtube comment on this vid:
“yes mate!!it was about 1 and a half years ago.i din’t upload this video just sent it to someone’s phone and here it is.How random!!!”

Ha, he found out. It was my phone he sent it too… think he’s taking the piss haha.

Yeah, he does quite a lot. Just not post (he has an account but making him post os waaaay hard).


Here is his 110cm hop height. Enjoy.

That hop took AGES to film :P, and in the process, he had to replace 2 inner tubes after constant attempts. Still, i’m pleased with the shot I got.

We should complete the actual full length vid rather soonish, and release it online. Hopefully this Sunday perhaps? (No promises, but I’ll have to see what else I need to film of him).

But yeah, expect that fairly soonish. (That’s if Joe’s not playing in that Pro Evo 4 Ps2 tournament on the weekend haha). But yeah, I’ll shoot a bit more night footage of him on saturday, we’ll edit the vid at his place, and get something online.

SIF? Joe Hodges? That’s a first…

Nah, he’s used SIF alot before, but he’s better known for his seat-in stuff. He only prefers SIF for his largest sidehops and pedal grabs though. For almost everything else, he uses seat-in like static gaps and blasting through technical lines because he thinks that SIF is less stable on tricky terrain (namely rocks etc.)

reason is mainly because of his footing and hand positioning. He is one of the less common riders who hop to their back foot side and as a result holds his saddle with the same hand as his forward foot (left hand, left foot forward). Now compare that style to Kris Holm and Ryan Atkins’ positions which are left foot forward BUT right handed. In SIF, when Joe sidehops to his backfoot side (his right) the uni will want to wobble around more because there is only his backleg stopping his uni which isn’t very efficient compared to Kris and Ryan’s way (the common way: sidehop to forward foot). Kris and Ryan when they sidehop, they sidehop to their forward foot and thus, their uni is supported by their forward thigh pressing against the saddle whilst hopping SIF.

Gosh I am jobless and bored. I haven’t been in the scene for ages. I guess doing tons of GCSE english practice exam papers kinda rubbed off on the way I post on the forum :o

I will egg him on to get 100cm seat-in sidehop this weekend. He is such a lazy boob nowadays haha