Joe Hodges- Koxx UK A Bad Thing?-- new vid

Boom there you go, some clips we filmed a while back. This is what I’m talking about in my Callout thread… decent editing and music that suits the riding. Decent filming too. All done on WMM.

The balance lines took at least an hour each to film, I may release an outtakes vid with all our unused comedy clips: bails and tantrums haha.


Didnt like it, struggled to watch it all the way through. Too long, too dark, too many rails and not enough variety. At about 4:30 I finaly perked up but then it was only that one line just from a few different angles and it went back to the rails again. Thats my honest opinion, sorry.

Nice vid, as always. Its always nice to watch Joe ride, although it seems that quite alot of those clips were the same location, just different angles.

Can’t wait to get home and watch it with sound. Got no speakers on my work puter.


Meh, shame you didn’t like it. Whatever.

Just a new style approach to vids. Dark, mellow, chilled.

The balance lines were there on purpose. This is a more tech-approached vid and yes, not as appealing to the eye as a ‘go huge’ vid. That’s next on the list, suicidal roof-jump style dropgap and generally go massive.

I personally really like this vid, and it was pretty well edited by Joe, on WMM.

Whatever one may think, hell, it’s a nice alternative to the fast paced heavy metal/commercial rock Flat/street hybrid vids you see. Slow, chilled trials with big moves and tech, woohoo.

I prefer things like this is flatland,
this seemed abit depresing and dark.

I had no problem with the music, thought it was pretty good.

It was pretty dam long, It seems that almost any vid that long just seems to drag on because you end up seeing the same things/tricks and same places again and it just seems to get a little boring. The majority of it was built up with rail rides, Just a few of those clips would have done. After just the first clip it was clear he has amazing ballance and ability to ride rails. The novelty sort of wore off after a few minutes of rail rides.

I think variaty is key to keeping a long video intresting. unless you have loads of amazing places to ride and loads of different tricks/lines that you can land that are all new and intresting I think it is hard to fill a vid more than around 4 minutes long and still keep the veiwer intrested throughout. I would say the optimum lenght for a vid is probably between 3 and 4 mins long. If its bad you can put up with it, if its good its not long enough to get bored and if its amazing its long enough to show some good footage and not still leaving the veiwer realy wanting more. Just my opinion.

You just dont like me :frowning: :o


Sick vid super smooth go big shit awesome. i wish ryan wud release a new vid soon too

lol sparkymarky i dunno y u wud think that! me, emile and edd all liked i :stuck_out_tongue: . i bet its cos ur slightly jealous haha and that none of ur vids are as good in quality editing n riding. ur vids are way more boring sparkymarky :wink:

sorry marky, no offence

i hav 2 say that th only thing i didnt like bout this vid was that some of the lines wer filmed from diff angles loads but i guess dat was the effect and style they were goin for.

The lines where awsome. But I didnt liked the style either and Joes rail style with the deep sattel between his knees is crazy also :).

LOL! it was sick in bits like the 180 roll hop on bnech and big gap.

balance lines boring

lol pwned

OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Controversial!

This computer has always seemed to be realy dark when watching videos, I will watch it on my laptop later and maybe I will enjoy it more then. Yea I am slightly jelous I have realy bad balance and I am pretty bad at riding rails.

What I am saying is there wasnt much variety and it was very long with alot of long slow rail rides. If I made a 10 minute vid of crankflips all on flat just at a few different locations and from different angles Im sure no one would hesitate to say it was boring but still im sure someone would maybe enjoy it, if they were trying to learn them maybe.

Im not saying the riding wasnt good. I know joe hodges is an amazing rider but I think it was a poor video. I look forward to his next Im sure I will have a very different opinion (at least I hope :D)

My new vid is almost done, wait until then, then you can rip the shit out or my riding filming and editing :stuck_out_tongue:

I definatly agree with you that ryan should release a new vid though :smiley:

As always, everything Joe touches turns to gold.

I personally enjoyed the video, when I head it was long I thought I would be easily bored and get distracted but I was fixed to the screen for the whole 6 and a half minutes.
Great riding no doubt, filming and editing was very stylish, looked like something you would see on DVD I reckon. As for the music, I think it suites Joe’s riding and says alot about Joe himself. The fact that you or I may not have put the same music to the video speaks for Joe’s individuality and that should be praised. Like sponge said, I would rather see videos that were different than the same old flat/street hybrid vids that seem to be the norm these days.

Anyway, before I get off my soap box, nice vid, a credit to UK unicycling.


I agree that it got boring watching it in grey, just made me a bit tired…

Why does Joe Hodges not have his own forum user? :thinking: or does he?

And do we ever get any videos of you riding?:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha strange you say that I was thinking the same, especialy after his thread about videos. Would be cool to see a video from you sponge.

I do have to agree I was constantly waiting for the pace to qicken

yeah i didn’t like the dark vido all the way through, but i found the riding good and the music. so good job.

Other than the riding be pretty good and a few nice camera angles. There really were some neat lines. Tho I dont think this video does, for me, what you want from videos, sponge. The video is pretty impressive, a bit slow but it does have a theme. The music sets a mood and the riding goes well with it. Tho I was left sorta unfulfilled, not wanting more, and not amped up. So tho I enjoyed watching Joe do some impressive trials, the video doesnt have the bang you would make us beleive it did.

great riding, didn’t like the video though, too long for the # of locations and tricks done.