Joe Hodges K1 vid 5

Joe’s got a new video, and I’m sure he would like me to link you guys to it. Enjoi, atleast I will :wink:

Very nice, but I wanted to see that 130cm he has on video.

Right, so does being a world trials champion not involve huge gaps and ups? This is why I don’t see how Joe was second, but I suppose I would have had to be there to understand?

Awesome video, one of my favorites from Joe. It was cool to see the slow motion of the gap, you don’t see that in alot of pro videos. Also it was one of his better song choices, he’s had some weird songs in the past.

This was my least favorite of all his videos.
I enjoyed the music in the first three a whole lot more.

Omg joe is amazing !!! :astonished:
How far can he jump?? and also his hight is insane !!! :astonished:
Tis really is one of the best trial movie that I’ve ever seen !!! :slight_smile:

Awesome to see some tech from backfoot pedal grabers.

Wooooo go back foot pedal grabs !!! lol that gap from wall to road was absolutely massive and the pallet to pallet gap was just :astonished:

At unicon there was one realy realy huge gap which Joe buildet and two pedalgrabs over 1,35m so Joe had his big lines. I think Maxim was just better in the technic stuff.


This vid is mindblowing.What incredible skill.So is there helium in those tyres or what?:slight_smile: Seriously, I cant believe he does those hops,jumps and crank grabs so seemingly effortlessly and with such height and length.

Does anyone know what psi he runs in his tyres, is it a special tyre and what does he weigh cos Im wondering does weight affect the height of his jump?

really really good vid.congrats!

Well obviously is he was a big fat blob he would not be able to hop anywhere near as high as that :wink: .

Not for all 65 lines it doesn’t. The one I saw Joe fail and a couple of other guys land was a big drop on to a cotton reel.

Joe got a flat while competing, took him 10 mins to change

nice video.