Joe Hodges Deleted Clips 2

Number 2


that was awesome, crazyness. I loved the garbage digging at the end.

that fall at 40 sec something looks like i hurt, and those bloody legs, i recognize myself :stuck_out_tongue: but not THAT bloody, nice video and funny ending!

The clips were good…but the music totally killed the video.

Noice! But just one question: Where can I find a hat like the one at :45? Is there a name for those with the thingees hanging on each side? I want one but have NO IDEA where to get them. :thinking:

YEah the clips were great, but “Music”? what music lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

sweet video :slight_smile: sweet garbage :smiley:

searching for peruvian hat will get you some good results.

I got mine a few years back form a Shell garage
not sure if you guys have Shell other there lol
but try a servo?
or a hat shop?
not sure of the name though

Just looks like a Toque with earflaps and a pom pom.

The song makes me think of Squarepusher on acid.

I liked it, maybe even more than his last one. I liked the falls and although the music was pretty crazy the video was well edited to it and it worked well. I dont think it was my laptop because it it did it everytime, it was anoying were it paused for a second before continuing, and at one point the music stopped. Pretty cool though, I dont know were the hell he got that music from but that band should be shot haha.

Chaval! he’s my god!! :astonished: :smiley:

Had some sick stuff in it.
But his shins are messed up, looks realy bad.
I remember meeting him at FLUCK, his shins looked like being attacked by a dog or something lol.

Peter M

Route 1 sell them
im not sure you guys have a route 1 in America…

Haha Im sure he still has nothing on my brothers shins, I will try and get a pic of them next time I see them, he rides trials bike and has a tendancy to shread his shins (the full length) normaly once a ride. fortionatly he doesnt ride that often but his shins are the worse I have seen. he even has a small bit of bone that floats arount at the bottom of his shin, you can poke it and it moves :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, a little off topic.

Gross lol how can anyone put up with the pain.It hurts so much if you land on a ledge with your shin(usually from trying higher pedal grabs).