Joe Hodges and Max Schulze - Elite Team 1 Video

I FILMED THE LAST CLIP! of the highjump :sunglasses:

Joe man that was mad. I loved every part. I love your balance when you pedal grab. You land balanced, you don’t have to regain it. It’s really fun to watch. And your highjumps are out of this world. AND MAX! LOVED the crankflips you added with your trials, so flowy and sexy. You two really are elite :slight_smile:

2 words… A and mazing! That is right, this is such a good video I had to divide up the word to express how amazing it was.

Loved the up rail line, along with everything else.

New standard of riding


So sick. Your style is getting nicer and nicer joe. And max, holy crap at your 360s dude :O. I’m terrible at them. You bust them out like nothing. I love your street-trials stuff. First clip in the part 1 vid blew my mind. And I swore at 2:05 you were going to lateflip. You totally could have pulled it off.

Max is a machine. :astonished:

So is Joe :D, I love his big SI hops.

wow just wow that was amazing, loved it all… keep up the frinkin amazing work

That was awesome! :astonished: Everything was soo huge! and so cool! I liked the crankflips in the lines, I liked everything else too:p

Keep coming with some crazy stuff guys! :sunglasses:

Unicycling is progressiiiiiiing so faaaaast theese daaaays :smiley:

i didnt even realise about the no handed hops till i saw your post

Same like always…

Big big big :slight_smile:
awesome =D

I cried watching that. I love it. You guys seriously are elite. The flipping in the lines looked awesome. :slight_smile:

This isn’t “elite unicycling” it’s way past that more like “god unicyling” !!!
Max, your NAUCC '10 video was awesome but compered to this it was boring!! xD Liked the 1st part most, but the 2nd was really awesome too! Everything you did in the videos was blowing my mind!! :smiley: Thank you for making this video :stuck_out_tongue: