Joe Campbell

is FREAKING AMAZING! Joe if you see this thread ever you need to come back up to portland and ride with me again, Maybe memorial weekend when Phil, Jerrick, Jackie, and Phil(Salem) might be here too.

sweet vid. and i see myself. joe rocks!

thanks guys, I have already started filming for my next video and you might like that one even more. I think Spencer did a great job editing the video as always.

oh, and I would love to come up for memorial weekend. It would be even cooler if a couple of you guys could help out with my train ticket or gas to make it more possible? I am a very poor college student working at chicos tacos and pizza right now! lol! As you already know I am all about unicycling and all about traveling. :slight_smile:

you guys are awesome, thanks for the props.

see you guys at cal muni weekend 2008!?


lol well this is wierd.I watched this 10mins before you posted this thread up.I was just scrolling spencers videos and saw it.Really good trials but there were probablt too many pedal grabs in it for my liking

Way cool video!
I heard my county in the song. San Luis Obispo…haha caught me by surprise…I had to go back and listen again. You live by Fresno right? I go through there quite a bit and have a cabin up in Shaver Lake…we need to ride sometime…that’d be so much fun
Once again…very very nice riding

Some of them I thought he could of went to tire but some were amazing I think…the line at 38 seconds was insane…

Joes grab lines are the best. =p

First minute was very good, after that the pedal grabs just keep comming…
Tell him to buy a trials frame, his knees will thank him :wink:

that was insane :astonished: his pedalgrabs are one of the best I’ve ever seen :roll_eyes: :wink:


very good video. also liked the song.
never saw a unicyclist riding rails like those you ride.

Joe, get a 20" frame (-: 20" wheel and 24" frame looks very strange

Not only is Joe an amazing rider but hes an awesome guy in person. Sweet video, I liked the riding.

And his car is a one sexy peice of scrap haha which makes it awesome.

Joe and his car are both amazing. The pedal grab line at 0:40 is crazy!

Really good riding, but the pedal grabs were painful to watch. Most of the lines you could have gone to rubber.

How did you place at the Naucc trials?

I thought the grabs were great, it really added a nice flair to your style and was, undeniably something different from the ordinairy. Nice!

I liked the grabs too especialy the ones from rail to rail.